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Goddamn you half-Japanese girls
Do it to me every time
Oh, the redhead said you shred the cello
And I'm jello, baby
You won't talk, won't look, won't think of me
I'm the epitome of Public Enemy
Why you wanna go and do me like that?
Come on down to the street and dance with me

I'm a lot like you so please
Hello, I'm here, I'm waiting
I think I'd be good for you
And you'd be good for me

I asked you to go to the Green Day concert
You said you never heard of them
How cool is that?
So I went to your room and read your diary:
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"Watching Grunge leg-drop New-Jack through a press table..."
And then my heart stopped: "Listening to Cio-Cio San
Fall in love all over again."

I'm a lot like you so please
Hello, I'm here, I'm waiting
I think I'd be good for you
And you'd be good for me

How stupid is it? I can't talk about it
I gotta sing about it and make a record of my heart
How stupid is it? Won't you give me a minute
Just come up to me and say hello to my heart
How stupid is it?
For all I know you want me too
And maybe you just don't know what to do
Or maybe you're scared to say: "I'm falling for you"

I wish I could get my head out of the sand
'Cause I think we'd make a good team
And you would keep my fingernails clean
But that's just a stupid dream that I won't realize
'Cause I can't even look in your eyes
Without shakin', and I ain't fakin'
I'll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon.

I'm a lot like you so please
Hello, I'm here, I'm waiting
I think I'd be good for you
And you'd be good for me

I'm a lot like you.
I'm a lot, and I'm waitin.
I think I'd be good for you
And you'd be good for me.

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Gurgle! El scorcho! Weee! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/11

This is my favorite weezer song. The guitar and the vocals amaze me, and I think the lyrics are easy to understand. All of them. Rivers likes a girl (possibly half Japanese) and he is afraid to talk to her. I can relate, so I find this song even more enjoyable.

Pinkerton | Reviewer: Maxx Steeeele | 12/13/10

To further prove that this album is based on Madame Butterfly, the album title is taken from a naval officer in the opera, Pinkerton. And Cio Cio San is Madame Butterfly's name, if I remember correctly. Amazing song with fantastically confusing lyrics and eccentric guitar.

Make up your own lyrics! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/09

I like how my friends had that Rock band game and a standard def TV and I didn't ahve my glasses on so I improvised some of the lyrics and still got a huge score for singing. I think i changed one line to "I wish I could get my head out of the sand" and the lines "How stupid is it?" to "I'm still listening"

Cio cio San | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/09

Actually it would make sense for them to reference the opera. I'm kind of amazed at how many fans don't seem to realize this about the album. If you don't know what I'm talking about maybe you should do some research on Pinkerton.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/09

So I agree this song is awesome, but here's the answer to the questions below. The actual meaning of "watching Grunge leg-drop New Jack" is a reference to ECW's star Johnny Grunge leg dropping New Jack, through a table. And the lines mentioning "Cio-Cio San" and "watching Grunge leg-drop New Jack" were actually taken from an essay from a classmate of River Cuomo's at Harvard in an Expository Writing class.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

this song is hands down my fav weezer song...nothing comes close. but i don't get the line about "watching grunge leg-drop new-jack through a press table...listening to cio cio san...fall in love all over again." anyone care to explain?

wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

This song is amazing, but felt like i just have to repeat what someone said in one of their reviews. Pinkerton isn't a real stand-out album for Weezer" Are you kidding? I mean, all I can say is, are you fucking kidding?

Pure gold | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/08

I have been in love with this song ever since it was released. A gem of a rock love song. At times it has made me cry, at times it has made me air-guitar in a room of crowded people. Love it. Rock on w33zr!

El Scorcho Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/08

This song is about a guy who loves a girl but doesn't have the guts to talk to her. So he just waits at his house for her to come by and say
"I Love You"

This song insanely catchy, i can play it on guitar, you gotta love the chorus, and so, it makes it the BEST FREAKIN' SONG WEEZER EVER WROTE!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!


Make Believe/Pinkerton | Reviewer: Lou | 5/28/08

I have come to my own conclusion that Make Believe and Pinkerton are both good, just so different that you can't really like both by comparison. Sure Make Believe's lyrics can seem shallow by comparison to Weezer's older stuff, but Rivers' is at a very different part of his life than he was then, and his inspiration is bound to be different. It's sort of like (Oh jesus, I'm going to get totally raped for mentioning Blink-182 in Weezer comments) Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves. You can sort of see the similarities, and both are good, but you're still going to get a crowd of angry raving Blink fans. Sorry for the horrible analogy, I truly apologize.

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