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Summer don't know me no more
Eager man, that's all

Summer don't know me
He just let me love in myself
'Cause I took you're love from you
that just died, yeah..

I saw that day,
Lost my mind
Lord, I'm fine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

Don't stop the buck when it comes
It's the dawn, you'll see

Money won't get there
Ten years passed tonight
You'll flee

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If you do then,
I'll be someone
To find you

I saw that day,
Lost my mind
Lord, I'm fine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

I saw that day,
Lost my mind
Lord, I'm fine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine
Maybe in time
You'll want to be mine

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What I think of this song | Reviewer: Darby | 5/31/11

It's incredible- I want to cry every time.
See, I know a lot about Gorillaz. So I know Noodle is fine, but all I can think of is...
2D thinking Noodle's dead, and just freaking out. Wishing he'd said "I love you, Noodle,".
"Saw that day... Lost my mind..." He's seen the vid, doesn't yet know it's a hoax, and he's just so scared about his Noodle, his girl. I think he's always loved her, at first the way a brother should, but later... Love, love. He's just wishing, just hoping that she'd loved him like that, too. "And maybe someday, you'll want to be mine," He doesn't want to force her to do anything, but he wishes she's really want to be his.
So, yeah... I'm writing a fan fic on when she arrives at Plastic Beach. :)

THIS IS HTE REAL STORY FO NOODLES READ IT! | Reviewer: the real truth of noodleT | 8/18/10

Noodle was apparently "killed" during the "El Mañana" video shoot (it can be noted that Murdoc came up with the idea of shooting down the floating island with Noodle inside, though to try and save her in the long run).

After the El Mañana conspiracy, 2D and Russel were frantic about Noodle's supposed death. But it turned out to be a hoax. Murdoc revealed the truth about the El Mañana video in the Gorillaz official autobiography book, Rise of the Ogre. Gorillaz-Unofficial released an article containing the contents of the book.

“ I guess you've waited long enough. Noodle's safe, she was just acting as planned… Jamie Hewlett gave Noodle the command, and she parachuted safely off the island.

—Murdoc Niccals on the video for El Mañana

LOVE IT! .. but one question ... | Reviewer: ellie.tishboo:hotmail.com | 8/10/10

Dont get me wrong, i absolutley love this song and i'd say its the one with the deepest meaning out of all 5 of my Gorillaz CDs. But I have one question. How has someone falling for a richer man got to do with Noodle being shot at and nearly killed? and is it Noodle whose fallen for another man or 2D? because I havent seen either of them with another guy..? Please could someone answer? :)

The Beauty of Music | Reviewer: Lavette | 5/17/10

This song speaks to me in a thousand different ways. As someone who just watched the love of his life fall for another man, this really strikes home. Obviously, I can't sit here and tell everyone what the original intentions were when the song was written, but that's the beauty of music—it can mean so many different things to so many different people. It's amazing.


Doc Rum's Fettered Wit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/10

According to Murdoc's twitter feed, he apparently found Noodle somewhere and she's definitely not dead, in fact, she recently said her first words. Also, his Pirate Radio broadcast said she's 19 now.

amazing. | Reviewer: tabitha | 5/5/09

alright so the only songs i ever knew of gorillaz was Feel Good Inc. and DARE.
but i have to admit that after listenning to this song, they have really become a choice of ear. i really love this song and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful.

Not sure | Reviewer: Eb | 2/17/09

I didnt get the lyrics OR the vid at first but now I think I do. If you watch the vid of feel good inc he says: "windmill, windmill for the land, keep on turning hand in hand", and el manana is a follow on, if you get that. It touched me.

How sad... | Reviewer: Long | 8/7/08

The first time I watched the video, I didn't get the lyrics. But after listening to it again, my heart sunk. I can't cry, but I'm just sad at how deep the lyrics are. The chorus are what really get me. Its basically about how the singer lost his love to another man who is much richer than him and he's upset. He knows she'll come back, but is currently waiting for her, patiently.

a question...?_?_?_?~about RISE OF THE OGRE | Reviewer: vicky.gorillaz | 8/5/08

ok.now, i really want he book rise of the ogre.BUT i cant buy it in my bookshops.i already tryied to find the book but i cant find it!!
im from croatia and i dont know is there a translation in my language. if there isnt its ok cuz i know english really good.but i cant find rise in my city bookshops.
does anyone know in which country can i buy it?
tnx alot if anyone answers to my question.!!
pls people.
gorillaz rules!!!

Noodle and the rest of Gorillaz | Reviewer: Ian | 10/30/07

Ok...The real story behind all of this. You guys need to read Gorillaz: Rise of the Ogre. Excellent book. It tells you about everything of this video. Noodle isn't dead, and the epilogue has just led me to believe that the band is simply on hiatus. (in other words taking a break.) Not only that, only 2-D and Murdoc are actual members of the band which is just composed of two people who are Damon Albarn of Blur and The Good The Bad and The Queen, and Tank Girl Artist, Jamie Hewlett. Anyway my point is, Noodle isn't dead, and that Gorillaz will probably get back together once they "find out Noodle's whereabouts" and then record yet another excellent cd

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