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Hanson Either Side Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2008 11:00:00 AM

Verse 1
Pillow for your head, we sleep on different sides
And the space between where the best and the worst of us hide
Accidental touch, across the great divide
And break from the fighting are two cars that crash in the night.

Either side you're on

Verse 2:
Endless subway lights, well I will be home soon
We live like the furniture, quietly filling up rooms
You're not afraid of ghosts, and that's what I've become
The affects of my coming and going have left you undone.

Either side your on
Either side you're on

And the way of watching you sleep is getting to me
and I know you are what I need
Here in two worlds with the window between

Either side you're on
Either side you're on

Verse 3:
Night fades into day we used to lie awake
and the love that we took was the same as the love that we gave
white flags in our hands holding out for truths
there's more hope in surrender than all of the battles we lose

either side you're on
either side, either side you're on
either side you're on.
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