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The Band's Origin: Initially known as the Towheads, the
DuPree siblings got their start playing gigs at BrewTones
Coffee Galaxy in their hometown of Tyler, Texas. They soon
became MossEisley, a reference to the city in the Star Wars
trilogy, but later (after a brief stint playing under the
names Neverland or Sinclair) shortened the name due to
possible legal ramifications. As Eisley, they grew a
devoted local fan base, and in early 2003 they were signed
to Warner Brothers Records, through Nettwerk Management.
Around that time, More...

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Review about Eisley songs

You're all | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Telescope Eyes performed by Eisley


Stop making assumptions about homosexuality, suicide, and things that are completely out of your realm of expertise. Especially about homosexuality. No where in this song do they mention it, so the fact that you're getting that from this song obviously says something about you. Take that for what you will. I just think it makes you look like an uneducated jerkoff.

Amazing! | Reviewer: eisleyguy
    ------ About the song Oxygen Mask performed by Eisley

This song is so darn good! Stacy's phrasing is absolutely perfect. I can't get this song out of my head. This band needs more exposure and deserves more attention. They are brilliant song writers that play beautiful music. I want more Eisley.

Twilight, WTF? | Reviewer: Your dad
    ------ About the song Brightly Wound performed by Eisley

I honestly can't see any kind of connection between these masterpiece of a beautiful written song and an awfully bad written book about teenage vampires...i mean come on people, seriously? does the song mention the words "eternal life", "i'm a vampire and a faggot", "i just can't pick between a vampire and a werewolf"?...no connection whatsoever, and yes, i agree with someone here, get some REAL literature into you, for God's sake, being on the New York Times Bestseller DOES NOT mean a particular book is good, just means it SELLS a lot...

She's talking about herself? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Telescope Eyes performed by Eisley

I can't help but to think that she is singing a song to the view she has of herself. You know taht awkward stage most kids go through and they feel so ugly? I picture her looking in the mirror seeing her old, true, self and she hates it. She had bad memories of who she was. Maybe she was picked on? But...that's how I interpret this song. i think it's beautiful

well... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Telescope Eyes performed by Eisley

i saw the song differently... based on myself and how it reached me. most of my life i havent had many friends cause im homeschooled. (it seems public/private schoolers dont have a life outside of that) anyway, no one has ever been outright rude, on purpose, they just kind of regard me as something alien. and whenever im alone and abandoned i find myself choked up and teary eyed singing the chorus... (ew, how depressing) but it really helps to calm me down.

Wow...way out of proportion. | Reviewer: Clint
    ------ About the song Brightly Wound performed by Eisley

First off, it is IMPOSSIBLE that this song was written in anyway about twilight. Good movie and good books, definitely. I can see how people would find this song reminiscent of it, but it really is in no way linked to that story other than in the perceptions of the people that listen to it.

That being said, come on...quit arguing and just enjoy a fantastic song.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Brightly Wound performed by Eisley

It's funny that people get so defensive about this song being "about Twilight," especially since that is impossible. If it really matters to you so much, do a simple Google search and you'll see what I mean. "Brightly Wound" was on Eisley's first LP "Room Noises," which was released on February 8, 2005. The song was written long before that, but the latest you can say it was written was within the first couple of months of 2005. Twilight was published on October 5, 2005. How could the Duprees have written a song about a book they had no way of reading? Unless they traveled forward into October, they couldn't have been influenced by Twilight in writing this song... it's not like they were reading Stephenie Meyer's journal or anything. They have mentioned Twilight in the last year, but this song is over four years old now. Keep that in mind before you SWEAR that HAS to be the ONLY meaning of this song.

With that said, if it reminds you personally of Twilight... that's fine. It's just also fine if it doesn't make me think of the same thing. Early Eisley music was typically like this-- magical, mystical, sort of like a fairy tale... so this song is very much a representation of who EISLEY is as opposed to anyone else.

Outcasts | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song Telescope Eyes performed by Eisley

I guess in general it is in fact about being that of the unfamiliar. You may not know anything about me, or where i come from, or why i am the way i am, but im human just like all of you and i bleed and i hurt and i cry just like you. This song has a voice, if you give it enough time to speak then you may learn somthing new.

what a band! | Reviewer: Naomi
    ------ About the song Brightly Wound performed by Eisley

wow. eisley is amazing! their voices are flawless, their music is beautiful, and their harmonies are wonderful. it's also awesome that they're all cousins and siblings! :)

brightly wound is definitely my favorite song by them.

oh, btw, the people who are comparing this song with twilight- it is very similar . . . too similar. maybe the lady who wrote twilight got her idea from this brilliant band? i can't accept the other option that people seem to be thinking. i cannot believe that eisley wrote this masterpiece about twilight. i like the books and all . . . but that would ruin it for me. she (twilight lady) says on her website that she had a dream about the meadow etc. then wrote the books based off of that one scene . . . maybe she had just heard the song, so she had a dream about it? just a thought. probably nothing like that though. it's probably just coincidence.

Peter Pan? | Reviewer: laura
    ------ About the song Brightly Wound performed by Eisley

As obvious as it is, it reminds me of the 2003 version of Peter Pan. Then again, most of their songs do as I'm a big fan of anything Peter Pan, but still...

Great lyrics. Great music. I love Eisley. =]

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