Eisley Albums

  • Currents Album (5/28/2013)
    Blue Fish
    Drink The Water
    Save My Soul
    Real World
    Wicked Child
    Find Me Here
    Wonder English
    Lost Enemies
    The Night Comes

  • Deep Space Album (2/14/2012)
    Lights Out
    Laugh It Off
    Deep Space
    192 Days
    One Last Song

  • Valley Album (3/1/2011)
    The Valley
    Watch It Die
    Oxygen Mask
    Better Love
    I Wish
    Mr. Moon

  • Fire Kite Album (10/13/2009)
    The Valley
    Away We Go (Garage Band Demo)
    192 (Garage Band Demo)

  • Combinations Album (8/14/2007)
  • Room Noises Album (2/8/2005)
  • Marvelous Things Album (11/18/2003)
  • Laughing City Album (5/20/2003)
  • EP 2 Album (10/1/2000)

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    Reviews about Eisley albums
    i adore this album | Reviewer: hannah
        ------ About the album Marvelous Things performed by Eisley

    i adore this album, even though hits not very long the songs are so imaginative and easy to remember. i got sea king stuck in my head for like a week but i didn't mind a bit unlike all the other ones ive gotten in my head. plus its not too loud and the singers voices are so smooth and can carry tunes very well. i love it!!! :)

    mmm not that bad of a album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Combinations performed by Eisley

    I LOVE eisley. Ive been a huge fan for four years
    and have loved every song they've ever done.
    the songs on the album were very pretty and amazing just the same! but....It seemed to be very short.
    I heard eisley saying that they wanted to keep there album short and simple. But I think it was a little too short. Only 30 minuets long and just 10 songs in the album?! I know the two other two songs that they were going to put on and they were just as good! I mean why couldnt they just add those two pretty songs to album making it 12 songs the perfect album amount?!
    but other than the album length the music was just as good (maybe a little too instrumatic wish it could be raw the room noises) this album is really showing that Eisley is growing up and getting better each second.

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