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The Band's Origin: Initially known as the Towheads, the DuPree siblings got their start playing gigs at BrewTones Coffee Galaxy in their hometown of Tyler, Texas. They soon became MossEisley, a reference to the city in the Star Wars trilogy, but later (after a brief stint playing under the names Neverland or Sinclair) shortened the name due to possible legal ramifications. As Eisley, they grew a devoted local fan base, and in early 2003 they were signed to Warner Brothers Records, through Nettwerk Management. Around that time, Coldplay was beginning the U.S. portion of their Sudden Rush of Blood tour, and they asked Eisley to open for them. So just after releasing their first EP, Laughing City, Eisley found themselves in the enviable position of touring with a world-famous rock band.
The band members are four siblings and a cousin:

Chauntelle DuPree
Plays: Guitar
Birthday: November 8th, 1981

Sherri DuPree
Plays: Guitar, vocal chords
Birthday: December 3, 1983

Weston DuPree
Plays: Drums
Birthday: May 17th, 1986

Stacy DuPree
Plays: Keys, vocal chords
Birthday: October 7th, 1988

Garron DuPree
Plays: Bass
Birthday: December 4th, 1989

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unique | Reviewer: Alex | 6/6/12

I've listened to a lot of bands with sounds that are similar in lots of ways. Eisley is one of the few bands that have a completely original sound. It may seem a little strange, but there strange sound is what i like about them. I was vary pleased when i found out that they were Christian.

i love Eisley | Reviewer: kelli | 2/12/08

When i heard Eisley i was in love lol. They are soo talented. i love their lyrics. They pretty much changed my life. Stacy Dupree your are amazing!!! i would go lesbian for u lol jk. but ya i wouldn't mind u singing to me every night

Beautiful Melody | Reviewer: Danielle | 12/13/07

I stumbled across Eisley about a few years ago. i love the whimsical songs and find the content to be intriguing. They are extremely talented to be so young. Plus, it makes it all the more worth it to know they are from Tyler where I reside. I hope they keep making music it makes me strangely happy, like childhood memories in song. How sweet and beautiful their music is. :)

Lovely. | Reviewer: brittany | 11/13/07

Lovely music. I likes.

You touched my soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/07

I heard the cd in a Barnes and Noble. I rarely buy anything that is new and almost never on impulse. The Eisely's music touched something in me and I bought it. For such a young group they are well put together. I'm 51 and really enjoyed it. Keep going you guys. You have a more diversified audience than you may think.

Amazing | Reviewer: Aryn | 7/28/07

hehe... I'm their cousin. A fellow DuPree. And Actually Weston is the oldest BROTHER. Garron is the youngest of them all, and the cousin. :-) Make sure to check out their new single Invasion! You can find them on MySpace! There's a new music video as well! Cheers! :-)

they're amazing | Reviewer: Haley | 7/6/07

I've listened to them for about three years and I can't believe how awesome they are! My older brother likes to give me music because I like all the stuff he does. He gave me the CD 'Room Noises' and I absolutely loved it! I just can't believe how unique their style is. Kepp up the great work, Eisley!!!

Name mix up. | Reviewer: Kevin | 6/5/07

You've got Garron and Weston mixed up. Weston is the older cousin one.

LOVE THEM! | Reviewer: Lindy | 5/27/07

Wow, I love Eisley, but I thought they were all siblings! Guess not! Still, DuPrees rule! They are my absolte fave band ever!

by far the best band i have ever listened to. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/05

i was listening to one of my friends ipods about a month and i stumbled across this band. i think that this is the best band i have ever listened to and the fact that stacy is only 15! wow! so amazing the harmony and instruments. if you have never listened to this band you must because this band has made me think differently about life. seriously!

Thank you for making audible the melodies in my heart | Reviewer: anna | 3/21/05

I heard the music before I knew anything about the band. I was so blown away by the music that I had to research a little more about the band that could create the exact notes and melodies that I search for in music. Each song sounded familiar to me the first time that I heard it, as if I had written it in my head, and used them as an instrument for transfering it into the audible realm. As a musician myself, I love stumbing across something so different but strangely familiar. I was even more shocked to find out that the band was a group of siblings and a neighbor. I must say, I am jealous of the type of household they must have grown up in.

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