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White Zombie Eighty Eight Lyrics

Last updated: 09/20/2007 12:00:00 PM

too weak to run defacer eraser too weak to run, hey my friend now monkey boy
chief remember by name and cut this groove deep oh deep in the wind a misery
wind a misery wind take it over and explode to the now is a freedom a fool's
passion love loud but wa it-eighty-eight now where did it all begin push to the
point of a danger love where did it all begin you got more than you deserve
waterwalker a spirithunter hunt until kingdom come who goes--freedom a junk
messiah--sparkle mankind--hey girl, burn now gat her round crew and picture
this now gather round crew and get behind the wheel of a big white Cadillac a
true zombi scavenger is a joy digging through your paradise now is a freedom
a fool's passion bend the steeple and teach it to dance in a black blue o asis
time to sing medicine man sing like a medicine man