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  • Eiffel 65 Album (6/1/2003)
    Viaggia Insieme A Me
    Quelli Che Non Hanno Età
    Una Notte E Forse Mai Più
    Tu Credi
    Voglia Di Dance All Night
    La Mia Lente
    Non È Per Sempre
    Like A Rolling Stone
    Figli Di Pitagora
    Sopra Un Palco Per Tutto Il Mondo
    Cosa Resterà (In A Song)
    Io E La Mia Stanza
    Follow Me
    Just One Night And Maybe Good Bye
    Time Is Not Our Cage
    You Believe
    Going To Dance All Night
    The Filter
    Like A Rolling Stone (English Version)
    On A Stage All Across The World
    The World Inside My Bedroom

  • Contact Album (7/1/2001)
    Lucky (In My Life)
    New Life
    One Goal
    King of Lullaby
    I DJ With the Fire
    Far Away
    I Don't Wanna Lose
    Morning Time
    Life Like Thunder
    Back In Time
    Johnny Grey
    Brightly Shines
    Losing You
    People of Tomorrow
    80's Stars
    World in the World

  • Europop Album (11/30/1999)
    Blue (Da Ba De)
    Too Much Of Heaven
    Dub In Life
    Living In A Bubble
    Move Your Body
    My Console
    Your Clown
    Another Race
    The Edge
    Now Is Forever
    Silicon World

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    A review | Reviewer: Captain Billybob Feloffaclif
        ------ About the album Contact performed by Eiffel 65

    It is EXTREMELY hard to get hold of. I had to order it off the FYE website. Otherwise, traditional Eiffel 65. Very electronic, semi repetative.

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