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eels became known to a global audience when their first
album, 'Beautiful Freak' was released on 30th July 1996.
Their sound is distinctive. Very distinctive. Melody Maker
called it a 'low-fi hip hop, grunge, jazz and chamber music
mix'n'match' that is 'the sound of now'. If you've never
listened to eels before, I recommend you to a song from
their first album, 'Beautiful Freak', called 'Lucky Day in
Hell'. It starts off with a trip-hop rhythm and quickly
enters a bizarre sampled section before the lead singer,
E's growling voice More...

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Reviews about Eels songs

Boring people | Reviewer: Pierre
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

Marty, your life must be so sad if you really need to write this on a website. People just express their feelings and how they are grateful, and you, you come to tell them to shut up and tell it to friends. What a sad world in which we would live if people stopped expressing their feelings !

I love this song, slow rythm, nice lyrics, perfect voice, not too instumental to keep it intimate, and an echo to a personal experience too, and I'm happy to share it and the feelings it conveys to me with everyone.

Thanks, Eels :)

Not always obvious | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

Sometimes lyrics should be interpereted like poetry. Meaning it is not always the obvious. Need some sleep can refer to literal sleep. Or I interperet it as needing a break, needing my mind to shut down. To escape my thoughts.

helped me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

Made a decision to break up with my boyfriend for my ex which hurts me and makes me cry all of the time and waking up at two am realizing maybe im not always going to make the right decisions.... cant go back to sleep.... if you dont feel anything when you read these lyrics or hear this song... you are very lucky

stuck in my head | Reviewer: grammy
    ------ About the song Christmas Is Going To The Dogs performed by Eels

I like this song. It's such a cute upbeat tune that makes me giggle.
My granddaughter's ballet class is using this song for their winter recital.
They are playing as puppies in a Christmas story. I can't wait to see the
entire show. Glad to find out about new artists and hear their music. Hope to see them perform on tv. Maybe Letterman, Craig Ferguson or Jimmy Kimmel will feature them.

Just a Ghost | Reviewer: Jake Thompson
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

This song makes me wanna cry, because me and my gf broke up and it was hard to let go, i didnt wanna sleep because i was scared that she would be in my dreams. But hearing this song helped me let go, idk how it did, but it did

Touching | Reviewer: James
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

My girlfriend broke up with me last winter. I was going through a lot and that winter became hell. Over the summer we kind of got close again and i thought maybe there was a chance for us. She changed her mind last minute and dropped me back down completely. I need to let go so this song speaks to me.

Hey Rofl | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

just wondering, what made u look the song up, and what people said about it if it sucks.... kinda weird and pointless... I know I don't look up songs that suck just to write and see what people said about it.

Jet Lag. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

Its about insomnia, duh. This is exactly how I feel after a night of "sleep".
Mark was flying all over tha place, and was jet lagged and couldn't sleep, so he wrote this song. The name of it kind of gives it away.

Research before you write | Reviewer: Natalie Sentz
    ------ About the song If You See Natalie performed by Eels

Mr. Ashton,

I just read your review of the song, "If you see Natalie." I'm not sure whom you are writing to, but I have to assume you are refering to my comment to the song. I never meant any offense by my note. When I wrote, "... trying to keep a straight face..." I was refering to my inability to keep from crying when relaying a tragic story. I broke down crying after telling about the murdered mother... my emotions were hightened by the sad song playing in my ear. I don't owe you any explaination. I just want to set you straight. You may want to look into your future responses before jumping the gun and assumming the worst.

Natalie Sentz

Rofl.. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Need Some Sleep performed by Eels

Sarah's post is hilarious..."No such thing as love" Lmao.
Look, a humans mind can invent or come up with anything; it's their point of view and you can't go around thinking your better or thinking your opinion is right and theirs wrong because that shows how much of an idiot you are. You make a complete ass out of yourself that way. Just ignore their comments like everyone else does. Also no one is really cold because everyone including you gets pissed off or annoyed which means you feel emotion. Song sucks btw. Lol.

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