Edward Albums

  • Slayve Album (4/1/2005)
    Cover Me
    Crusify Him
    Free Falling
    Standing On The Corner

  • Where Did Love GO Album (4/1/2005)
    Big Bad Wolf
    Carnival Town
    I Can't Stop
    I Love You Not Your Money
    I Want The Bomb
    Lost In Paradise
    Porn Star
    The Turn Around
    We're Bringing Our Own Horse
    Where Did Love Go
    Where Have All THe Women Gone
    Whipping Boy
    You Girl

  • I Love The Night Album (4/1/2005)
    American Girl
    He Broke All Of His "Promises"
    High On Mary's Misery
    I'm God Of A Machine
    I Love The Night
    I Want A Piece Of You
    Moon CHild
    What's His Name

  • Turn On To Me Album (4/1/2004)
    Billy Fetch Yer Gun
    Dirty Business
    High Priest Of The Dirty Devil
    It Feels So Sad
    Married In Vegas
    Mr Misty Kreme'
    Pretty Little Witch Girl
    Stuck On You
    Turn On To Me
    When You're In Love
    With You In A Heartbeat
    You Are There

  • Edward Album (4/1/2003)

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