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Editors Biography

Last updated: 05/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

The four members of EDITORS are the first to admit that they are not from the rock ‘n’ roll centres of the UK. Vocalist Tom Smith is from Stroud, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz is from Nottingham whilst drummer Ed Lay is from Ipswich and bass player Russell Leetch the only near Brummie, hails from Solihull. It may be this geographical grounding that leads the band to suggest that “rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t really follow us around” but recent events have suggested that this pattern is changing. Things were set in motion when Ed became the last member on board a previous incarnation of the band and EDITORS were born. Having founded the band at University in Stafford, on graduation the four relocated to Birmingham as it was both the nearest big city and the home of their management.

It is no surprise then that this ‘non rock ‘n’ roll’ band turned down major label interest to sign to rejuvenated Newcastle independent Kitchenware in late 2004. Nor should it be surprising that the four then embarked on the kind of touring schedule that is rarely seen these days, playing across the country repeatedly during the start of 2005. With debut single “Bullets” (Jan 2005) selling out its limited run on the day of release and subsequent single “Munich” (April 2005) puncturing the Top 30, Editors star was clearly in the ascendant. By the summer and first Top 20 single, “Blood” (July 2005), Editors were starting to be talked of in reverential terms throughout the music press, following a stunning early doors performance at a storm tossed Glastonbury and two packed NME / Radio One Stage tents at Reading and Leeds.

By the re-release of “Bullets” (Sept 2005) Editors were a big band. Debut album “The Back Room” (July 2005) had entered the charts at Number 13 but continued to find fans throughout the autumn as the band interspersed a growing interest in Europe with a constant live schedule in the UK. A support tour through mainland Europe and the UK with Franz Ferdinand at the close of 2005 saw the culmination of an amazing year for Editors. From a 1,000 limited release single at the start of the year to playing to over 250,000 people and an album heading towards platinum at its close, Editors had done it their way and triumphed.

2006 just continues to bring good news for the band. A re-release of “Munich” in January gave the band their first Top Ten UK single, “The Back Room” climbed the charts in a way albums rarely do anymore, finally reaching Number 2 and delivering a platinum disc for the band to put next to the now somewhat redundant gold disc. The USA played host to a week of what can only be described as buzz gigs and the band are currently back on the road through mainland Europe and the USA before a run of three sold out shows at London’s Brixton Academy in May. It is not hyperbole to suggest that Editors are heading to a position as one of the most important UK bands of the decade, all on their own terms, all through their own hard work and the dedication and, most crucially, respect, of their ever increasing fan base.

And no, they still don’t consider themselves rock ‘n’ roll.