Edgewater Lyrics

Matt Moseman - Vocals | Justin Middleton - Guitar | Micah
Creel - Guitar
Ricky Wolking - Bass | Jeremy "Worm" Rees - Drums

“I love what I do,” says Edgewater vocalist Matt Moseman.
“Not for the fame or the glory, but because I want to
create music. My favorite songs are our songs, and my
favorite band is Edgewater. And that's a great thing to

Edgewater : a singer not in it for show. A drummer called
Worm. Two guitarists who seek new socks in every town they
visit. And a self proclaimed “outcast guy” for a bassist.
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Submit Edgewater New Lyrics

Reviews about Edgewater songs

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Engage performed by Edgewater

Very good song, a must listen to for any edgewater fan of which unfortunately there aren't many. Oh well still very good if you do not already have it then I suggest you go out and buy the album because they are seriously good.

Mind Blowing! | Reviewer: Danielle
    ------ About the song Eyes Wired Shut performed by Edgewater

This song was so amazing. Every word is awesome and it makes you feel what is being sung. You just know it comes from somewhere deep inside and its truth and pain. I love it!

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