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Edge Of Sanity Biography

Last updated: 11/23/2011 11:00:00 AM

Edge Of Sanity was formed in Finspång, Sweden, in 1989. Dan Swanö did a recording for a local hardcore band called F.Z.Ö. in his four track studio in November of 1989. After their vocalist had left the others stayed to jam a little. They wrote and recorded the basic parts of "Pernicious Anguish" that night. The day after Dan and Sami completed the rest of the songs since Benny had to play soccer and Dread had a hangover. This led to the formation of Edge Of Sanity. Anders Lindberg joined on bass and they wrote "Immortal Souls" in the world's smallest rehearsal room in January 1990. They released their debut album in 1991 and quickly rose to become one of the leading death metal bands in Sweden. When Dan Swanö left the band in 1997 they lost their key figure and seems to have broken up since then. They were still active in 1999 though.

Thanks to Joseph Furia for submitting the biography.