Eddy Arnold Albums

  • Greatest Songs (2000) Album (2/1/2000)
    To Life
    I Walk Alone
    I'll Hold You In My Heart
    In The Misty Moonlight
    Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
    Lonely Again
    Make The World Go Away
    Last Word In Lonesome Is Me
    Bouquet Of Roses
    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
    Let It Be Me
    Happy Birthday To You

  • Greatest Songs Album (2/1/1995)
    Always On My Mind
    Blue Blue Day
    Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
    Crying Time
    Good Hearted Woman
    Green Green Grass Of Home
    Please Help Me I'm Falling
    Save The Last Dance For Me
    You Needed Me

  • Sings Love Songs Album (2/1/1974)
    Secret Love
    But For Love
    Then She's A Lover
    For My Woman's Love
    Glory Of Love
    Today I Started Loving You Again
    Easy Lovin'
    I Love How You Love Me
    It's Only Love

  • The World Album (2/1/1973)
    End Of The World
    Make The World Go Away
    New World In The Morning
    This World Of Ours (cette Nutt La)
    Turn The World Around
    Welcome To My World
    What A Wonderful World
    What's He Doin' In My World
    World I Used To Know

  • The Best 3 Album (2/1/1973)
  • Lonely People Album (2/1/1972)
  • Sings For Housewives And Other Lovers Album (2/1/1972)
  • Loving Her Was Easier Album (2/1/1971)
  • Welcome To My World Album (2/1/1971)
  • Portrait Of My Woman Album (2/1/1971)
  • The Warmth Of Eddy Album (2/1/1970)
  • Love And Guitars Album (2/1/1970)
  • The Best 2 Album (2/1/1970)
  • Standing Alone Album (2/1/1970)
  • Glory Of Love Album (2/1/1969)
  • Songs Of The Young World Album (2/1/1969)
  • Walkin' In Love Land Album (2/1/1968)
  • The Romantic World Album (2/1/1968)
  • The Everlovin' World Album (2/1/1968)
  • Somebody Like Me Album (2/1/1967)
  • Turn The World Around Album (2/1/1967)
  • Lonely Again Album (2/1/1967)
  • The Best Album (2/1/1966)
  • The Last Word In Lonesome Album (2/1/1966)
  • I Want To Go With You Album (2/1/1966)
  • The Easy Way Album (2/1/1965)
  • My World Album (2/1/1965)
  • I'm Throwing Rice Album (2/1/1965)
  • Pop Hits From The Country Side Album (2/1/1964)
  • Eddy's Songs Album (2/1/1964)
  • Folk Song Book Album (2/1/1964)
  • Sometimes I'm Happy Sometimes I'm Blue Album (2/1/1964)
  • Faithfully Yours Album (2/1/1963)
  • Our Man Down South Album (2/1/1963)
  • Country Songs I Love To Sing Album (2/1/1963)
  • One More Time Album (2/1/1962)
  • Cattle Call Album (2/1/1962)
  • Christmas With Eddy Arnold Album (2/1/1962)
  • Let's Make Memories Tonight Album (2/1/1961)
  • Sings Them Again Album (2/1/1960)
  • You Gotta Have Love Album (2/1/1960)
  • More Eddy Arnold Album (2/1/1960)
  • Thereby Hangs A Tale Album (2/1/1959)
  • That's How Much I Love You Album (2/1/1959)
  • Praise Him Praise Him Album (2/1/1958)
  • My Darling My Darling Album (2/1/1958)
  • Have Guitar Will Travel Album (2/1/1958)
  • When They Were Young Album (2/1/1957)
  • All Time Favorites Album (2/1/1956)
  • A Dozen Hits Album (2/1/1956)
  • Anytime Album (2/1/1956)
  • Chapel On The Hill Album (2/1/1956)
  • A Little On The Lonely Side Album (2/1/1956)
  • Wanderin' Album (2/1/1955)

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    Reviews about Eddy Arnold albums
    Wrong Song List | Reviewer: Mr. Holmes
        ------ About the album The Best 3 performed by Eddy Arnold

    The Song list you have for this album is incorrect. The Only Song showing that is right is ''Welcome To My World'', the rest of the songs come off the World Album.

    The Correct songs for Best Of Eddy Arnold Vol. 3 is as follows With thec exception of the title I just mentioned above:

    01. Before This Day Ends
    02. They Don't Make Love Like They Used To
    03. After Loving You
    04. Just Call Me Lonesome
    05. The Richest Man In The World
    06. This Is The Thanks I Get (Loving You)
    07. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows
    08. Molly Darlin'
    09. It's A Sin

    Will you please update this album with the correct songs above
    and make asure they are in the correct order as they are on the album?

    I'll thank you now for doing this task.

    Mr G.L. Holmes

    Outstanding Album | Reviewer: John Sircy
        ------ About the album Our Man Down South performed by Eddy Arnold

    This album was one in a series produced by RCA, many of which were classics. This project was superbly sung by Eddy Arnold and features an excellent mixture of ballads, heartbreak numbers and upbeat songs. All have their roots in the South, with it's tradition and respect for things of the past.

    i love her | Reviewer: anthony
        ------ About the album Welcome To My World performed by Eddy Arnold

    I love her I believe is on the welcome to my world album, Can I buy this album or sound track anywhere???

    Review of the RCA Victor Vinyl LP | Reviewer: Larry Haynes
        ------ About the album Sings Them Again performed by Eddy Arnold

    Only 3 years after the first Hi-fidelity recording, this RCA Victor Vinyl LP recording is superb! From my parent's vinyl collection, I was the first person to ever play this LP, as it was still sealed. Unbelievable clarity and quality, and his re-recording of his hits hit their mark-His producer Chet Atkins succeeded in preserving his early hits in true stunning High Fidelity. These recordings are immmensely enjoyable and are presented here in a level of detail and clarity that was missing for the previous 15 or so years. I never tire of hearing these songs, and have made a digital archive of the LP. RCA Victor, at that time, was recording and pressing the quietest, smoothest, most stunning LPs of the time. Chet Atkins would have it no other way.

    Larry Haynes

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