Ed Sheeran Albums

  • X Album (6/23/2014)
    I'm A Mess
    Tenerife Sea
    The Man
    Thinking Out Loud
    Afire Love
    Bonus Tracks
    Take It Back
    Even My Dad Does Sometimes
    I See Fire

  • The Slumdon Bridge Album (2/14/2012)
    London Bridge
    You Don't Know (For Fuck's Sake)

  • No. 5 Collaborations Project Album (12/9/2011)
    Little Lady
    Drown Me Out
    Goodbye To You

  • + Album (9/12/2011)
    The A Team
    Grade 8
    Wake Me Up
    Small Bump
    The City
    Lego House
    You Need Me, I Don't Need You
    Kiss Me
    Give Me Love
    The Parting Glass
    Bonus Tracks
    Autumn Leaves
    Little Bird
    Gold Rush

  • Songs I Wrote With Amy Album (4/4/2010)
  • Loose Change Album (2/7/2010)
  • You Need Me Album (5/1/2009)
  • Want Some? Album (5/1/2007)
  • Ed Sheeran Album (5/1/2006)
  • Orange Room Album (5/1/2005)

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    Reviews about Ed Sheeran albums
    The Only Word For It Is Perfection. | Reviewer: Jemma Carrie
        ------ About the album Songs I Wrote With Amy performed by Ed Sheeran

    Ed Sheeran is amzing and i physically couldn't live without him. His music is my life and if i met him i would cry. This Album in Particular is especially amzing. All of the songs on it make me so emotional and well done to Ed for being able to produce such perfection. This couldnt possibly get any better the only word for it is Prefection.

    An Outstanding Album | Reviewer: Paige
        ------ About the album Loose Change performed by Ed Sheeran

    I have always been a huge fan of Ed Sheeran. I love that he isn't like every other musician in the world today. His music and voice is amazing, as well as his personality, and views on life. He has stated in an interview that, it takes more energy to be rude than to put a smile on your face and make someone's day, and that is exactly what he does to each and every person, whether it be a crazed fan or his own mate. I will always see Ed as an inspiration, not just in music, but in life. So, Ed, if you're out there, I just want to say thank you. Your are an amazing person. 😊

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