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With a string of hits, both as an artist and a writer, Ed
Bruce has maintained a successful career for more than four
decades. "Mamma's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be
Cowboys", "After All", "Girls, Women and Ladies", "When You
Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz", "My First Taste of
Texas", "Ever, Never Loving You", "The Last Cowboy Song",
and the "Theme from Bret Maverick" are just a few of the
self-penned hit songs from this great artist. Then there's
"Texas When I Die" and "The Man That Turned My Mama On"
which were giant hits More...

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Review about Ed Bruce songs
song for faithful lovers | Reviewer: Roy E Parker
    ------ About the song After All performed by Ed Bruce

Beautiful heartfelt song for long time lovers. Ed sings it perfectly.....A perfect song to be played at 40/50 year high school/college reunions where couples in love in school later married, stayed married, and later attended the reunions....Brings back lots of memories.......The lyrics tell the story perfectly. Ed's delivery awakens those long dormant feelings of attraction once felt so strongly.....

The Last Cowboy Song | Reviewer: Danny Combs
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

I just lost one of my best friends who this song described to a tee. He was a true cowboy, and one of the finest men I have ever known. Loved his cattle, his horses, and his land. Kept a U.S. flag flying full time.
God Bless you Bill, as you blessed us with being part of our lives

Persistent longing | Reviewer: Joyce
    ------ About the song Last Train To Clarksville performed by Ed Bruce

I once heard this song performed slow and soulfully. It carried such longing, I wish I knew who performed it. When the Monkeys made it a bouncy tune, it felt silly. But now I often sing it when I feel loss.

Review of Ed Bruce's "The Last Cowboy Song" | Reviewer: Jilm Flynn
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

Great song by a great writer. It's so true, and that's what makes the song sink in. It's a song of substance with historical meaning, and when you hear it by either Ed Bruce or the Highwaymen, you immediately get caught up in the saga of the American cowboy.

When you're in love, everythings a waltz | Reviewer: Darryl
    ------ About the song When You Fall In Love Everything's A Waltz performed by Ed Bruce

If there every was a song that could communicate a man's heart to a woman, this is it. If the lyrics don't knock you out with their beauty, you have never been in love and you are not in love right now.

Maverick Didn't Come Here to Lose! | Reviewer: Ronnie Z. McCann
    ------ About the song Theme From "Bret Maverick" performed by Ed Bruce

Bret Maverick has been my favorite fictional western character ever since I was 7 years old, when the TV series "Maverick" debuted. Bart was OK, but Bret truly was Maverick!

As soon as the 1981 pilot for the series "Bret Maverick" played that song sung by Ed Bruce, I knew immediately that would become one of my favorite songs of all time. I really don't know any song that I like any better. The song completely captured the entire nature of the Bret Maverick role and character and summarized in a couple of minutes the gist of all of the Maverick TV shows or the Maverick movie.

The old Maverick theme song that started out, "Who is the tall dark stranger there? Maverick is the name..." was pretty good as far as TV show theme songs go, but "Maverick Didn't Come Here to Lose!" as I like to call it, is a classic. It could have stood on its own if released as a Country single, even if I had never heard of or seen the Maverick TV show.

I rate it 6 stars out of 5 stars!!!

real country music | Reviewer: cowboy of the north
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

i love this song, the highwaymen sing real country for real kaboys, country today is sung by shoe salesmen and bar skanks, i just wish george strait would sing this song, or chris ledoux.
this song topic is what my mind wanders to almost everynight.

Abeautiful,sad song | Reviewer: Marty Pishioner
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

I love The last Cowboy song.It's lyrics and rythem are some of Ed Bruces' best,and it reminds us of a way of life that is vanishing and if ever lost will make us much the poorer because of it. May the words of this song always be rememberd by somebody who cares.

Great Song | Reviewer: Sue Rogers
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

I love the Last Cowboy Song, especially when the Highwaymen sing it.It's got good lyrics and it makes me want to know about all those men mentioned in it, such as Lewis and Clark, Louis L'amore and Travis. I think the whole American cowboy thing is very interesting and wish I had been born an American! Love Johnny Cash & co - real men!

The Last Cowboy Song | Reviewer: Bob Caito
    ------ About the song Last Cowboy Song performed by Ed Bruce

The lyrics of today's country music are boring and meaningless sung by people who are trying to be cowboys. Ed Bruce's "Last Cowboy Song" tells a story, the tale of the American cowboy that has all but vanished from the scene. As the song says, Remington and Louie L'Amore immortalized the image of the American cowboy in their works. This is a very underrated song that tells a realistic and unforgetable story.

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