Echo & The Bunnymen Albums

  • Electrafixion - Burned Album
    Feel My Pulse
    Sister Pain
    Too Far Gone
    Who's Been Sleeping in My Head?
    Hit by Something
    Bed of Nails

  • Candleland Album
    The Flickering Wall
    The White Hotel
    Proud to Fall
    The Cape
    Horse's Head
    Faith and Healing
    I Know You Well
    In Bloom
    Start Again

  • Meteorites Album (7/8/2014)
    Holy Moses
    Is This A Breakdown
    Grapes Upon The Vine
    Lovers On The Run
    Burn It Down
    Market Town
    New Horizons

  • The Fountain Album (10/12/2009)
    Think I Need It Too
    Forgotten Fields
    Do You Know Who I Am?
    Shroud Of Turin
    Life Of A Thousand Crimes
    The Fountain
    Everlasting Neverendless
    The Idolness Of Gods

  • Siberia Album (9/20/2005)
  • Flower Album (2/16/2001)
  • What Are You Going to Do with Your Life Album (4/16/1999)
  • Evergreen Album (7/14/1997)
  • Reverberation Album (12/1/1990)
  • Echo & the Bunnymen Album (4/1/1987)
  • Songs to Learn & Sing Album (4/1/1985)
  • Ocean Rain Album (4/1/1984)
  • Porcupine Album (4/1/1983)
  • Heaven Up Here Album (7/1/1981)
  • Crocodiles Album (4/1/1980)

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    Reviews about Echo & The Bunnymen albums

    The PERFECT Album | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Reverberation performed by Echo & The Bunnymen

    Echo and the Bunnymen, way back when, sort of surprised us at the time and release "Reverberation", an Album of songs I still avidly listen to!! The songs "reverberate" with the resonance of an exotic, powerfully-subdued voice and expert musicianship, taking the listener from the highest apex to the slow and remorse. "Reverberation" is a wonderful collection of diverse sounds and moods, truly a masterpiece accomplishment by Echo & The Bunnymen!!!

    One of the greatest albums of all time. | Reviewer: Adi
        ------ About the album Heaven Up Here performed by Echo & The Bunnymen

    This is an album of sheer magnificence. Atmospheric sounds, poignant lyrics from one of the 80's brightest talents. Turquoise Days is a song that inhabits a space between human conciousness and some other realm. No you dont need to take drugs to appreciate this album. Just own it and enjoy it.

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