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Echo & The Bunnymen Biography

Last updated: 01/29/2012 11:00:00 AM

Echo And The Bunnymen emerged from the legendary late-70s Liverpool punk scene, melding the rawness and vitriol of CBGB-styled New York punk with 60s influences (most notably The Doors and The Velvet Underground). For the first half of the 80s, the band were accurately regarded as the vanguards of English post-punk.

The songwriting team of Ian "Mac"
McCulloch and Will Sergeant has mangaged to escape such easy pigeonholing, and has proven itself to be in the same timeless league as Jagger/Richards, Lennon/McCartney, and Reed/Cale.

Mac remains the thinking person's rock icon, exuding an effortless cool, alien otherness, and unmatchable quotability. The sheer emotive expanse of his vocals is inimitable, and his unique (often oblique) lyrics are equal parts Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, metaphysical metaphor, and Scouse smirk.

Sergeant's spectral guitar stitching is unmistakable, spinning Verlaine, Velvets, and squalls of 60s psych into his own wigged-out web.

Releasing nine studio albums over the past two decades-plus, Echo and the Bunnymen have earned a reputation as being one of the most fiercely uncompromising and genuinely unique bands to grace rock's tattered tapestry, and are quite probably the only band whose "comeback" has arguably surpassed the precedent set by its initial incarnation.

As we rapidly approach the year 2002, Echo and the Bunnymen continue to do it clean.

Chris Adams is a critically recognized writer/poet who has been publishing his musings about rock music for over fifteen years. He spent one-and-a half years researching and writing "Turquoise Days", which he cites as his "greatest writing achievement thus far. Speaking as objectively as I can, the Bunnymen are easily one of the 25 greatest rock groups in history; I'm both proud of and humbled by my association with this legendary band." Adams works and lives out of his loft in downtown Boston with his girlfriend and cat, who, he states "admirably endure my bad-to-weird vibes." He is currently writing a semi-autobiographical narrative entitled "Chasing Neon Halos." Adams can be contacted by email at