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Eddy Arnold Easy Rockin' Chair Lyrics

Last updated: 08/09/2005 12:00:00 PM

(Fred Rose)
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Rock away my troubles rock away my cares
Oh I found peace and comfort in that easy rockin' chair
I feel just as wealthy as a millionaire
When I get back to Dixie in that easy rockin' chair
Everyone your neighbor welcome on the mare
Just sittin' doin' nothin' and not too much of there
Thumbin' through the good book thinkin' of a prayer
I rock my way to heaven in that easy rockin' chair
Rockin' free and easy times are passin' by
And readin' the evenin' paper till I swat this pestifly
There I go a dozin' guess it's in the air
I gotta do some dreamin' in that easy rockin' chair
Rock away my troubles...
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