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Did it all get real, I guess it's real enough
They got refrigerators full of blood
Another century spent pointing guns
At anything that moves
Sometimes I worry that I've lost the plot
My twitching muscles tease my flippant thoughts
I never really dreamed of heaven much
Until we put him in the ground
But it's all I'm doing now
Listening for patterns in the sound
Of an endless static sea
But once the satellite's deceased
It blows like garbage through the streets
Of the night sky to infinity
But don't you weep (don't you weep for them)
There is nothing as lucky
Don't you weep
There is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free

Don't be a criminal in this police state
You better shop and eat and procreate
You got vacation days then you might escape
To a condo on the coast
I set my watch to the atomic clock
I hear the crowd count down 'til the bomb gets dropped
I always figured that there'd be time enough
I never let it get me down
But I can't help it now
Looking for faces in the clouds
I got some friends I barely see
But we're all planning to meet
We'll lay in bags as dead as leaves
All together for eternity
But don't you weep
There is no one as lucky
Honey, don't you weep
There is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free

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Walt Whitman inspired? | Reviewer: Lara | 8/28/11

They are alive and well somewhere;
The smallest sprouts show there is really no death,
And if ever there was it led forward life, and does not wait
at the end to arrest it,
And ceased the moment life appeared.

All goes onward and outward. . . .and nothing collapses,
And to die is different from what any one supposed, and

-from "Leaves of Grass"

its just me | Reviewer: 1-4-3 | 6/14/11

So I guess I'm the only one that takes this song as him talking about war? It says it all in the beginning when he says "Another century spent pointing guns At anything that move.." how many more wars are we gonna keep fighting and not even why like he says "Sometimes I worry that I've lost the plot.." How many more soldiers are we gonna lose? "Until we put him in the ground.." an stop listening to this inane government (news)? "But it's all I'm doing now Listening for patterns in the sound Of an endless static sea.." It's like he says "I set my watch to the atomic clock.." he's waiting for our countries self destruction! "I got some friends I barely see But we're all planning to meet We'll lay in bags as dead as leaves All together for eternity.." to me is says that in the end despite our down fall we'll by together where ever it may be. But this is just my interpretation of it. I guess just having friends and a boyfriend in the Amy, and losing people close to me I just see things different manner.

Pish posh | Reviewer: Baker | 4/20/11

It's a great song, but Conor doesn't have the conventional faith you are all speaking of because it lacks validity. Anyways what I can say is that this is a song that shows worldly problems colliding with ourselves feeling complicated with questions of faith and meaning and our genral emotions. Life is where we are, death is unanswered...If there is no meaning to life and no after life, then everything is meaningless. "Don't You Weep." Its funny cause we'll all weep anyways.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Syed | 3/29/11

Hi, sorry to hear about that things not going well in ur life . i hope they are better now.YOu are not fully satisfied or unable to find peace with the 'faith ' you follow now. have you tried to fully understand it? also please dont think of finishing your life it is forbiden in all religion, you are young and have all life in front of you.ups n down are part of it.

to Anonymous below | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/11

If you ever find yourself in a dark place their is people out there going through the same thing believe me. your not alone you are loved and if not i love you and i dont even know you. if you need help talk to someone it helps. i hope you find happiness in this life. i hope this helps i just wanted to let you know everyones been though that gloomy place you will get stronger and find something that makes you happy again it may take time but dont let it.You are amazing and beautiful and you mean the world to someone just may not realize it yet..good luck(I probably made alot of grammar errors but yea i cant spell ha)

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/11

Well, I agree with y'all about the song probably being written about death so I won't be redundant in repeating that. But I will share how I think it has related to me personally. As for me, I am in a bit of a religious crisis having given up on Christianity a few years back and looking into sever different religons but not really finding anything, which, I don't know about you but it bothers me, having always had a loving god looking over me and now suddenly realizing I'm alone and nobody actually loves me like that it can be lonely. At least to me it is. So the listening for patterns in a endless static sea makes me feel that line also because I just lost a best friend (a non-human one, but a best friend nonetheless) and I can't help wonder where he's at if anywhere at all. The other prized lyric in this song, and I agree it is well deserving, i got some friends I barely see but were all planning to meet we'll lay in bags as dead as leaves all together for eternity. To take that line very literally (again, just a personal reflection) I have some friends, or better yet, a friend, that I was once very close to but now have nothing in common with and rarely see. When I do see them I cannot think of a single word to say. I have been feeling kinda depressed lately and have self diagnosed myself (a rather bad habit) with dysthymia so I'm pretty awkward around them and they don't really get why or even care I dont know but I dont feel like talking. Often times I'll ponder suicide but I know I'll never actually go through with it, it's just a fun thought in a way. So when I hear that line I think of if I was to actually go through with it, and in time my friends and family will die too, and me and them and my previously mentioned deceased best friend can be together once again in peace forever, even if that forever is simple nonexistence or nothingness or heaven or hell we can all be there together. Unless of course I get hell and everyone else goes to heaven that would really suck but I guess we'll just have to wait and see with that one. I think this song is probably the best written bright eyes song of all time if not best written period. Since everyone else seems to be stating their age I may as well too, I'm 16. And this was just my interpretation so I'm not telling anyone they're wrong I'm just saying.

It's funny | Reviewer: Michael | 12/29/10

Everyone tries to interpet the meanings of all of Connors songs. Although we could never understand because we lack the expeirences that he had forcing him to put it into music. There is no right or wrong anwser to what this is about,that is why he writes so that you can realate to it how ever you feel. If he wanted the meanings of each song to stand out he would share with us his opinions, Don't over think it the calliginous meanings of his songs they are his and the way we take it is ours.

To Michelle | Reviewer: Fernanda | 11/13/10

Michelle: I agree with your interpretation or at least I can say I like it since we'll never know what he means unless he tells us. I just wanted to tell you that it make me feel happy to know there's some young people out there with such a good taste in music and, more important, who think. It's a pleasure to read your interpretation and I'm exactly twice your age.
Keep thinking and exploring great music as you do.

Death. | Reviewer: Michelle | 6/25/10

i think the song is about death and questioning what comes next. "I never really dreamed of heaven much until we put him in the ground but it's all I'm doing now" heaven was never something he wondered was real until he lost someone close to him. and he tells everyone not to weap for them because those we lose are lucky to have escaped this robotic system that the world has become. and when he says "i got some friends i barely see but we're all planning to meet. We'll lay in bags as dead as leaves all together for eternity" he is saying that at one point he too will die and will be reunited with friends and loved ones in the afterlife. and in the last chorus he says "there is no one as lucky" as the dead and "there is nothing as lucky, as easy, or free" as death which is the only truely free and certain thing we have to live for which makes it easy to get. But this is just the interpretation i got and i'm only 14 so i might be completely wrong.

what could mean more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/10

From his song 'Hit the Switch' --"at least I exist, what could mean more than this"

He likes to project meaning onto simple things, like being dead or alive. this song and "hit the switch" almost seem to have contrasting messages though. one values the essence of life while the other death.

it's a pretty philosophy.
if not a little empty in the end.

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