Earthsuit Albums

  • The Rise Of Modern Simulation Album (8/1/2003)
    Bloodshot Fanatical
    Noise For Your Eyes
    The Hard Drive
    Against The Grain (remix live)
    Hutch Buggin 1
    ManMachine/Said The Sun
    This & That
    Hutch Buggin 2
    Once In A Lifetime
    Gummy Buffalos
    Hutch Buggin 3
    Outro Medley

  • Kaleidoscope Superior Album (6/20/2000)
    One Time
    Wheel Of God
    Against The Grain
    Do You Enjoy The Distortion?
    Osmosis Land
    Said The Sun To The Shine
    Sky Flashings

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    Pretty Good | Reviewer: I Am A Fan
        ------ About the album Kaleidoscope Superior performed by Earthsuit

    I Don't Know If I Would Buy The Whole CD,But I Would Totaly Download Schizophreniac,And Against The Grain

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