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Earthsuit Biography

Last updated: 08/04/2005

Earthsuit is: David Hutchison, Dave Ramsey, Adam LaClave, Roy Mitchell, and Paul Meany.

Earthsuit's stellar debut, Kaleidoscope Superior, is a musically innovative melting pot that, like America, somehow holds together despite the diversity. Produced by David Leonard (Indigo Girls, John Mellancamp, Toto, Oingo Boingo, Prince), Kaleidoscope Superior succeeds by weaving its seemingly disparate elements through the whole project rather than changing styles from track to track. Something of a retrospective debut, the project encompasses Earthsuit's newly written material, as well as a sampling of the more seasoned compositions they began creating as far back as five years ago.

Songs like the jazzy, hip-hoppish, pop gem Whitehorse,(which takes so many left turns musically that it winds up back where it started), express that hunger in an almost palpable way. Superimposing apocalyptic imagery over day-to-day reality, Whitehorse creates a dreamy, harmonic soundscape that looks not so much to the Son of God's eventual return, as to his constantly abiding presence.

Honing their chops during a year and a half span as nightly performers in a New Orleans Bourbon Street coffee house, Adam and Paul not only began to experiment with their eclectic hybrid of pop music, but they began to meet other musicians who's artistic visions mirrored their own. Guitarist Dave Rumsey and Bass player Roy Mitchell eventually joined the lineup, as did drummer David Hutchison. The band so seldom ventured out of their New Orleans haunts, however, that when they were eventually discovered by a Sparrow label rep at a summer music festival in 1999, it was as if they had come out of nowhere. Earthsuit was arguably the best-kept unsigned secret in recent music history.