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Family Force 5 Earthquake Lyrics

Last updated: 12/06/2010 11:00:00 AM

Get Down!

(Shake it like an Earthquake)

I saw shawty dancin' on the floor
I'm kind of nervous to approach her though
She's so stylish like a supermodel
Should I meet her?
Yes I think you oughta

The needle dropped
My track was hot
We began to rock
Our eyes were locked

I love your song
Yeah girl sing along
She said Dj's make my heartache
I said Baby watch the place
Shake like an earthquake

Drop that eight oh eight
The wall's begin to shake
It's to much for the club to take
It's shakin' like an Earthquake
Devastation from the sounds I'm makin'
And there's no escaping from the bass
It's shakin' like an Earthquake

10.0 on the richter scale
Shake it like an Earthquake
Move that tail!

'Bout that time my people all were quakin'
Another ten point oh was in the makin'
Like a natural disaster
Run for the pasture
Cause the bass will flow
Take you out like El Nino

It's rumbling, crumbling,
All the way down
It's tumbling, fumbling,
You love that sound
Can you turn up the bass?
Sorry girl I can't hear in this place
I have a request that I'd like to make
Well, what you wanna hear girl?
Shake like an Earthquake?


Ready?! Ok!

Boom boom,
You broke it down
You broke it down
Now build it up
Build it up
Build it up!

Boom boom
You broke it down
You broke it down
So shake it up,
Shake it up,
Shake it up!

Boom boom,
You broke it down
You broke it down
Now break it up,
Break it up,
Break it up!



Shake it on down! [x3]

Move yourself when you hear that sound!
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