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Atmosphere Earblister Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2008 10:00:00 AM

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Yo, grab a pencil
Three pads and a notebook
You’re still shook
Like below zero
Paintin’ murals
By the train track
It’s 'nuff skills that you lack
So fuck you, your crew
and your backpack
I’m phat


Atmosphere, my man yo
I spent a better portion
of my years as a vandal
I’m too hot to toy with
These b-boys get lifted
off the scent that I consume
I catch a buzz until I bug
from sniffin' marker fumes
Now slug is comin' with this
motherfuckin' verbal psychosis
And I’m allergic to your flow bitch
runnin' is my nose itch
the Dimetapp addict
I rhyme this phat at shit
I bust hinges
And tag the bus benches
I’ll let your mom rub her
nipples on my retina
Before I try to see ya
I flow just like diarrhea, shit
I might just beat ya if your
skills is prominent
But if you’re wack won’t even
waste my time vomiting
I wanna raid your ego
Elated by this cannabis
So I'ma grab a sharp jagged stick
and I'ma stab you in the pancreas

Can’t read ya’s south side
one big fat contract
I said yea cause I was
buzzed from the contact
I ransacked this Amtrak
And even if your man’s wack
I give that kid his credit
if his heart is in it
Plus I rip apart the cynics
my vibe is optimistic
I gotcha twisted in the brain
More game than mystic lake
So tell me who’s the snake bitch
I’m spacious
All you fuckin' fake kids
Make me wanna break shit
so take this

Chorus (Slug):
It’s plain to see
You can’t change me
Cause I’m a b-boy for life
It’s plain to see
You can’t change me
Cause I’m a b-boy for life

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