Eagles Albums

  • The Eagles Album
    Take It Easy
    Witchy Woman
    Chug All Night
    Most Of Us Are Sad
    Train Leaves Here This Morning
    Take The Devil
    Peaceful Easy Feeling

  • Long Road Out Of Eden Album (11/1/2007)
    No More Walks In The Wood
    How Long
    Busy Being Fabulous
    What Do I Do With My Heart
    Guilty Of The Crime
    I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
    Waiting In The Weeds
    No More Cloudy Days
    Fast Company
    Do Something
    You Are Not Alone
    Long Road Out Of Eden
    Frail Grasp On The Big Picture
    Last Good Time In Town
    I Love To Watch A Woman Dance
    Business As Usual
    Center Of The Universe
    It's Your World Now
    Hole In The World
    Please Come Home For Christmas

  • Hell Freezes Over Album (11/8/1994)
    Get Over It
    Love Will Keep Us Alive
    The Girl From Yesterday
    Learn To Be Still
    Tequila Sunrise
    Hotel California
    Wasted Time
    Pretty Maids All In A Row
    I Can't Tell You Why
    New York Minute
    The Last Resort
    Take It Easy
    In The City
    Life In The Fast Lane

  • The Very Best Of The Eagles Album (7/11/1994)
    Heartache Tonight
    I Can't Tell You Why
    The Long Run
    Life In The Fast Lane
    New Kid In Town
    Hotel California
    Take It To The Limit
    Lyin' Eyes
    One Of These Nights
    The Best of My Love
    James Dean
    Tequila Sunrise
    Peaceful Easy Feeling
    Witchy Woman
    Take it Easy

  • Greatest Hits (Gold) Album (6/18/1993)
  • Greatest Hits '71-75 Album (7/7/1987)
  • Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Album (10/1/1982)
  • Live Album (11/1/1980)
  • Long Run Album (9/1/1979)
  • Hotel California Album (12/8/1976)
  • Their Greatest Hits Album (2/1/1976)
  • One Of These Nights Album (6/1/1975)
  • On The Border Album (3/1/1974)
  • Desperado Album (4/1/1973)
  • Eagles Album (6/1/1972)

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    Reviews about Eagles albums
    vastly overlooked concept album | Reviewer: vic wightman
        ------ About the album Desperado performed by Eagles

    After hearing them play a lot of this live at 4 history of the eagles shows, I realized how much I miss album rock. What a great piece of work. They opened with Saturday Night the harmonies and bernie's brilliant dobro playing (offstage until the next song) then a couple songs later Doolin Daltons song was brilliant...and they sound better than ever as they end the first half with the Doolin Dalton reprise...awesome. The second half rocked with the up tempo stuff Joe Walsh is the master of the Stratocaster,and they ended the show with desperado. Hats off boys I bought two copies of the cd. This is Glen Johns best effort as producer.

    The Eagles can still kick it. | Reviewer: Bob B.
        ------ About the album Hell Freezes Over performed by Eagles

    Fantastic tunes, after a "14 Year Vacation". The guys voices have mellowed a bit. I've been trying to sing along with a couple earlier albums. I couldn't hit the high notes. I can, again, now!!!!

    fond memories | Reviewer: Gary Sims
        ------ About the album Desperado performed by Eagles

    I worked on a small horse stable when this album came out. There wasn't much to do in the hill's of southern,Ohio at night but listen to music and play card. No cable t.v.,heck we still had a party line phone system. I listen to this one a lot,still do!!

    True Eagle Form | Reviewer: teresa
        ------ About the album Long Run performed by Eagles

    Unbelivable! True fanatical fan. Always come back to this album. Amazing! I have most of the other albums on my playlists, leaving one or two songs out, but the Long Run from "Heartache" to "Shoes", I listen to them all.

    running out of eden is out of the market. | Reviewer: Albert Mcdell
        ------ About the album Long Road Out Of Eden performed by Eagles

    I lived in Mexico city and although the album was in the market in november, it is impossible to find one single album in all the storein the city and nobody, even the dealers seem to know why it suddenly dissapear, i would like to know if it has legal problems or if it is going to return to the music stores soon, thank you.

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