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I will stop
I will stop at nothing
Say the right things
When electioneering
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet

Riot shields
Voodoo economics
It's just business
Cattle prods and the IMF
I trust I can rely on your vote

When I go forwards you go backwards and somewhere we will meet

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The Semicolon | Reviewer: Jibber Jabber | 7/9/12

The Semi-Colon.

by Aaron.

Firstly, we must understand a clause: clauses are complete thoughts that relate to a single topic. Typically, we will put periods at the end of a clause, and commas wherever we need to keep our clauses separated because they have subclauses. However; if we would like to have two clauses referencing the same topic in a single sentence, we can do so with the help of a semi-colon thusly: Bats are quite dangerous; I do not like them. Without the semi-colon, I would have had to say: Bats are dangerous. I do not like bats. The semi-colon implies that the topic has not changed, but I have more to say about it.

Secondly: In thom we trust.

Oh yeah, and I think the second guy using a semi-colon while talking about the first guy is using it wrong on purpose. But if not, it sort of speaks to his point that someone tried to correct him about it. As for the first guy? WTF? Seriously? You gunna talk about Semi-Colons and shit? I'll take whoever I want to seriously on the merit of their ideas.

Tell E.E. Cummings to use punctuation properly.

Tell Dali those clocks are crooked.

If you really didn't understand what they were saying, why not ask a question instead of being a tool like me?

That is all.

Pow! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/3/11

Jonny Greenwood at his best. Man, he could make strange sounds and noise with his guitar. The way he makes his guitar yell and howl in this song is amazing. And on top of this Thom Yorke screams out the message. The song is frantic and chaotic and yet everything is so tightly spun together. I miss guitar-based Radiohead. Where did they get lost?

Speaking of grammar, | Reviewer: Argonaut | 4/30/11

You both used those semi-colons incorrectly. The first person only needs a comma, as his clauses coordinate, and the second person -- I don't know what was going on there. Now, enough with the internet grammar police.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/11

I want to punch you; for using a semi-colon. Grammar is a useful tool sure, but when you need to show it off to everyone (including people with learning disabilities, English as a second language, poor education environment etc.), then you sir share something in common with grammar. You are a tool. Go spread your vast knowledge in an acceptable environment.

What is wrong? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/10

Why is it that 90% or the people that comment on this song can not write properly? Grammar is a powerful thing; it makes or breaks any opinion. If you don't use proper grammar no one is going to take a single thing you say in to consideration.

A Fine Political Statement | Reviewer: Burt | 3/9/10

This song is like a 3 minute musical version of Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine". 'I go forward/you go backward/somewhere we will meet" is like some right wing politico explaining how "trickle down economics" works and business/cattle prods/I.M.F are again, straight out of the book. If you like the song, read the book!

this is more than a song | Reviewer: anna | 12/7/09

forme and others radiohead is the best group that exist its music is not only considered wonderful also this represent a new generation of music
and a new generation of follower because its unique
and this song is so good represent all the thing yuo do wrong and goodlike this song

somewhere we will meet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/09

i always thought the 'i go forwards, you go backwards, and somewhere we will meet' is a deception: the speaker is already a powerful politician, but he tells us to curb our ambitions while he advances his, and somehow, this will have us meet in the middle

Blew me away | Reviewer: NICK | 5/5/09

Listened to it 6 times in a row. it was so goood i didnt knoiw what to do. ha. dont knoiw about all this forwards and backwards and achieving political goals gibber gabber, i just know its so good it should be illegal!!!!!!!

Awesome song | Reviewer: ben | 3/26/09

song kills it, reminds me of any political race. they wont stop at nothing to achieve their goals...moving fowards others moving backwards and meeting in between like reaching a compromise on any agreement...
it satirizes political ambition and process by accident and I LOVE IT! haha

dig it too | Reviewer: Daniel | 7/30/08

I agree. This song is awesome. Sad and angry and romantic. It like goes forwards and backwards at the same time. And there's like this emotional like earthquake in the middle. It makes my head empty out and my heart implode. Thanks Radiohead.

Amazing | Reviewer: Sam Coates | 2/21/07

Although the band say they dislike this one most on OK Computer, its got to be one of my favourite songs ever! Amazing

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