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There's a sunny little country south of Mexico
Where the winds are gentle and the waters flow
But breezes aren't the only things that blow
in El Salvador

If you took the little lady for a moonlight drive
Odds are still good you'd come back alive
But everyone is innocent until they arrive
in El Salvador

If the rebels take a bus on the grand highway
The government destroys a village miles away
The man on the radio says 'now we'll play South of the Border'
And in the morning the natives say,
We're happy you have lived another day
Last night a thousand more passed away
in El Salvador

There's a television crew here from ABC
Filming Rio Lempa and the refugees
Calling murdered children the 'tragedy'
of El Salvador

Before the government cameras 20 feet away
Another man is asking for continued aid
Food and medicine and hand grenades
for El Salvador

There's a thump, a rumble, and the buildings sway
A soldier fires the acid spray
The public address system starts to play South of the Border
You run for cover and hide your eyes
You hear the screams from paradise
They've fallen further than you realize
in El Salvador

Just like Poland is 'protected' by her Russian friends
The junta is 'assisted' by Americans
And if 60 million dollars seems too much to spend
in El Salvador

They say for half a billion they could do it right
Bomb all day, burn all night
Until there's not a living thing upright
in El Salvador

They'll continue training troops in the USA
And watch the nuns that got away
And teach the military bands to play South of the Border
And kill the people to set them free
Who put this price on their liberty?
Don't you think it's time to leave
El Salvador?

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Absolutely not true. | Reviewer: Reina Howard | 3/17/2008

I believe that every human being has the right to be free and to have the same oportunities to get education, medical care, justice, and achieve his or her dreams. The fight for social justice in El Salvador around 30 years ago was not the way of achieving it. The groups involved in this movement where closely tied to the communist governments of Russia and Cuba and some communist from Nicaragua. Salvadoran militants in this communist groups with the help of their allies also did terrible things in the name of social justice. They forced people to support them, rape women and young girls, killed many people and hurt the innocent. We had two housekeeppers who lived in the country side and they told me how the members of this communist groups had rape their daughters and forced them to become members of their groups and to perform things that they did not want to do. No, they were not heroes or martirs. They were seeds of Fidel Castro and other communist who were abusing the innocence and conditions of this people to manipulate them to support a movement and a system where only the guerrillas who get to be in the government get to have a better life. There are still many changes that need to be done in El Salvador and in many other countries so each individual can enjoy the same opportunities, priviledges and rights, but socialism(socialist in Latin America tend to be more communist than socialist) and/or communism it is not the answer to achieve it. I am from El Salvador, born, raised and live through this times I am describing. If you would like to know more about the subject I will be glad to inform you.

The "American Way" | Reviewer: Cogs | 8/10/2007

This song may have been written almost four decades away about a small Central American country trying to find its own feet and have freedom as every single person in this world deserves, yet how true it rings out for so many other countries today. They did not have the right to free and fair elections nor be able to speak out openly against the government. If what the United States government sees as unfavourable to its agenda then they interfere, first politically then with military force as we have seen so often and currently in Iraq. Take note the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, your model of freedom is not everyones and everyones is not yours. There are three things in this world, Truth, Justice and then The American Way.

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