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The Gift Of Gab E2mtro Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2012 07:52:00 PM

Escape to Mars, it's not too far... [x4]
Takin off now everybody on board
Flight 7098 Concord
Remember to write your seat assignment and your confir-
Mation information for your traveling on board
Beyond security it's gunna be a long journey
If you in a colony forget some comfort
It's gunna be a long spacey ride beyond stars
Tune into the evening's entertainment on Starz
Cinemax too, Weather Channel, Encore
Ipod albums which do you want more
If you by emergency exit bound doors
Are you willin and able to helpin in the morgue
You see maybe more people expected some tour
Feelin it's gunna be a shaky ride and once more
Flight 7098 all aboard
Away from planet Earth
Next stop is on Mars

Escape to Mars, it's not too far... [x4]