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Dynamite Boy Biography

Last updated: 08/27/2002 04:53:21 AM

Since 1995, Dynamite Boy has been blowing away audiences with their explosive mix of pop punk. The quartet, based in Austin, Texas, has three full length CDs to their credit: "Hell is Other People" (Offtime 1997), "Finder's Keepers" (Fearless 1999) and the much anticipated "Somewhere in America" that was released by Fearless in March of 2001. For "Somewhere in America," the band turned to producer Cameron Webb who has worked with Lit, Limp Bizkit, Danzig, and Godsmack. Dynamite Boy has been featured on numerous notable punk compilations, including "Punk Goes Metal" (Fearless), "Where's the Beef?" (DriveThru) and "Disarming Violence" (FastMusic).

The band was recently selected to appear on the Bombtrax/Insite Austin Compilation, which is being widely distributed to industry insiders. They can be heard on extreme sports videos including X-Factor's "Moving Violation" and on television shows including "BlueTorch TV." Their CDs have sold well all across North America as well as in Europe, Japan and Australia, where the band was recently picked up by Shocked Records, which will be distirbuting their Fearless releases.

Dynamite Boy tours almost non-stop, spending eight full months on the road in 2000 alone in support of bands including MxPx, Bigwig, Strung Out, Pulley, Straight Faced and No Use for a Name. They also played on the Ernie Ball stage of last year's Warped tour. 2001 is poised to be the band's break-out year. The band has been on the road since January, playing shows in support of national acts including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Offspring, the Ataris and MidTown.

The wrapped up their Summer tour in mid-August, and they are now taking time to play regional dates and write songs for their next full-length CD, which is slated for release in early 2002. With a rapidly growing and highly motivated national and international fan base, Dynamite Boy is quickly cementing its place in the punk rock landscape.