Dying Wish Albums

  • Never-Ending Road Album (11/4/2001)
    Never And Forever...
    Land Of Sorrow
    Struggle Inside
    Fragments Of The Past
    The Last Journey
    Ancient Lands
    Wanderer Of The Sky
    The Mirror

  • The Silent Horizon Album (11/4/2000)
    Silent Horizon
    Slave To The Night
    Hiding In Me
    The Valley
    The Night Embraces Me (New Version '99)

  • On Twilight Of Eternity Album (11/4/1998)
    Faces Behind The Mirror
    It Hurts Again
    With Brush Of Madness
    The Last Reflection
    Somewhere In The Deep
    Under The Dreams

  • The Night Embraces Me Album (11/4/1997)
    Wants Me Back...
    I Live In Mistery
    Signs From The Past
    The Night Embraces Me

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