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Dying Wish Biography

Last updated: 11/04/2005

The band was founded in November 1996, its musical style is melodic heavy/death metal. The layout of the instrumental section got stable right in the first few months and as we were full of ideas our first four songs were born soon. We recorded The Night Embraces Me demo in May "97. Although it wasn"t a unique achievement - considering both the songs themselves and the sounding - it was surprisingly well received. Backwoods Productions took on promotion and foreign distribution.

We found the appropriate person for the vocalist"s post only at the beginning of "98, Monori György, who contributed to the recordings of the second demo. It exceeded the previous one at all points and it well reflected the development of the band. We received several good reviews at home and abroad as well, the formerly occasional gigs become frequent, we attended rock talent competitions and won number of prizes (best band, best keyboard, etc.).

The demo On Twilight of Eternity was published by Hammer Music Productions in the summer 1999. Trough Mare Tenebrarum Dist./"zine it was distributed by Bestial Records in Romania, by Backwoods Prod. in Finland, Italy, Czechoslovakia and so on. More than 500 pieces have been sold so far. During this year we were interviewed by Metal Hammer and other magazines. We even edited a paper of our own called Dying fanzine in which beside ourselves we introduced friendly bands as well.

We recorded and released The Silent Horizon Ep. in the first half of 2000with the promotion of Hammer Music Prod. Some tracks from the Ep. appeared on several Hungarian compilations. The good reception made it possible to distribute it in CD format, too; moreover, the previous On Twilight demo was also included in it! We must thank our fans who, with their attendance, made the publication possible! Our first music video, The Valley was and is still broadcasted in metal programmes and it"s downloadable from our site.

In the same year, our guitarist Árva Péter left due to disagreements and was replaced by Ács Sándor. At the end of the autumn tour the keyboardist Schmidt Péter announced his departure, Nádas Péter filled the vacancy. We spent the August of 2001 again in studio. Eight new songs + intro were recorded, our sound engineer was the well-tried Kiss Sándor. The new release entitled Never-ending Road is our most professional and diverse album so far; it was published by Hammer Records in Autumn 2001. The multimedia session of the CD contains photos, full-length videos (the first one mentioned above and a new one, Fragments of the Past), the current version of Wishstory, samples from the previous releases and lyrics along with their English version. The year was closed by a successful tour.

We began the new year with the tour called Perpetuum Morbide together with Da Capo. Our guests were the bands Chaos of Disorder from Szekszárd and Autumn Twilight from Nyíregyháza. The tour made a pretty bad start: Autumn Twilight had a car accident en route to the first concert in Budapest, consequently they couldn"t continue the tour. Fortunately, they have recovered and now play again on full blast. Neverwood substituted them. On the whole, we had a good time during the spring tour, superb fun was provided by the humorists of Da Capo and Chaos of Disorder. At the end of this spring we attended Gothica II - a festival with a great atmosphere and audience, however, there was much room for improvement on the technical side.

The summer of 2002 was the most exciting and stirring but at the same time hardest time for the band ever. Summer Rocks was just the beginning! This was the second time we got the opportunity to participate this prestigious festival and, to top it all, this time on the same day with In Flames and Borknagar! We attended number of smaller festivals but the shows at Nightbreed - with its inimitable atmosphere - and Sziget were unambiguously the best.

In he middle of the summer all our future plans were upset by an incident. It turned out that we naively trusted somebody who actually exploited the band and committed things that would scandalise every ordinary people. I won"t go into details here, we decided to concentrate on finding bottom again instead of accusing. So, Moldoványi János who spent six years with us left the band after the show on Sziget. Despite all his negatives revealed subsequently we have to admit that he counts as a good drummer in Hungary, therefore we knew we had hard times ahead. The autumn was to have been the time of relaxation and leisure but we had to find a new drummer. It seems we were favoured by fortune. The fourth applicant was a very young guy from Budapest who was far the best of all the others and it was obvious that our search was over. His name is Garcia Ricardo Dávid and formerly he was the member of a heavy metal band called Defender. We"d spotted him first on the Sziget Festival that year, he played with a Halloween and we found his performance absolutely convincing. The distance between our home Püspökladány and the capital seems to be a surmountable difficulty, so we hope he will stay with us for a long time. He spent the autumn with learning the songs we were going to play on our concerts; he was so good at it that we took the risk of having a gig at Christmas.

While he was learning we started writing the new songs and we was through with them by the end of the year. Now we are using computer in songwriting and that had made the whole thing much easier. It allows us to analyse the songs in a state of near studio sounding, which provides us a high expectation for when it is actually recorded.

This year started very much the same. Dávid had finished the drum parts of three new songs and we decided to play one of them on the spring tour.

The tour: at last we could tour with our old friends the Vale of Tears. Their lineup became stabile and their debut album was about to come up at that time. Our guests were old acquaintances as well: Autumn Twilight and Chaos of Disorder.