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John Frusciante Dying Song Lyrics

Last updated: 10/20/2009 11:00:00 AM

I'm going away, forever,
I'm going away, forever,
Never coming back this way,
Never coming back to this place.

What I need is a heaven,
What I really need is a heaven,
A place to go where I can really be,
A place to go where I can really be
Where I can really be.

Dreaming my life away, counts for nothing,
Dreaming my life away, counts for nothing,
But nothing ever is the end,
No, nothing ever is the end.

It's sure been a full life for me, yeah
It's sure been a full life for me, yeahh
It's sure been a full life for me, baby, its sure been a full life for me

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yaya | Reviewer: omg | 10/19/09

Beautiful! John frusciantes life was really different. And you know, we are true fans because, your music is so different and its not mainstream. Thats part of why people like it so much. Not to mention the true thoughts and feelings and effort you put into it.You put your music out there, not giving a damn what people think of it basically. YOu like it, or you dont.

silver | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

Frusciante has experienced some really hard times in his life, drugs, alcohol, suffering, and this is so meaningful, and if really shows how hard his life has been. Now, Frusciante is happy and healthy and praise the Lord because without him and his music (not to mention RHCP's) I would be crushed!!

We all love you John, your fans are TRUE fans because your magnificent bro, well done ;)

I think everyone that has hard times gravitates towards Frusciante | Reviewer: Antisyzygy | 10/29/07

My friend and I both are having hard times, simultaniously from the same damn issue. Both of us love the RHCP, and Frusciante. Frusciantes music actually matches my mood more than most. I think depressed people gravitate towards his music because it uplifts. He is by far the greatest musician of our time. Check out Richard Thompson for another great solo musician, I particularly like "God Loves a Drunk".

Quality | Reviewer: -UnTiTlEd- | 8/9/07

I'm going through some bad times right now, no need to tell y'all here but it's real bad stuff. N John Frusciante, I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly at a RHCP gig, and this song, he performed solo at that gig, just him and his guitar, no-one else from RHCP. It's a haunting song, but brilliant, and if you feel bad give it a listen and it'll lift you up. He's a tortured soul and one of the guitarists of our time.