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Unanimated Dying Emotions Domain Lyrics

Last updated: 01/09/2003 09:55:30 PM

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On a throne of pain, I cry out in despair
Shadows cast upon me, living in a time of lies
Truth has never existed, and never will
Hate breeds inside of me
Trapped inside the walls of sorrows

Pain shines upon me
Emotions ripped apart
Grey as dust my dreams are falling
Just let me die

I am lost, deep within
The dying emotions domain

Sadness surrounds my naked heart
Tears fill my eyes
Thousands of painful screams
Like thorns they cut my soul
I drown in throe

Alone I am waiting to be free
A world in shadows pain and grief
Will soon be iside of .. me

I am lost, deep within
The dying emotions domain
Not even thousands of deaths
Can set me free

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