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Dyablo his real name is Jesus Vaca, he is a
Mexican-American rapper from San Diego, California, Dyablo
raps exclusively in Spanish, and has his own record company
-"Discos Profeta". Dyablo has many feuds in the Chicano rap
game, his most notable fued is with 3 chicano rappers also
from san diego wich are Mr. Shadow Slush The Villian &
Knight Owl.

[edit] Discography
Destrukxion - 2001
Resurekxion - 2002
El Profeta Y Sus Dysipuloz - 2003
La Hystoria, Mi More...

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Reviews about Dyablo songs

Something {Lyrics} | Reviewer: Olivia Partida
    ------ About the song Something feat. N.B. Ridaz performed by Dyablo

I feel in love with that song and I have been trying to find the CD had no luck just yet...You are fabulous singer and the wrds 2 ur songs have real meaning 2 them..Keep up the good work!!

Tu Amiga para siempre, Olivia Partida

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