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It’s a rare singer/songwriter that can credibly display
dual sides of his musical personality—one who can quite
thoroughly and convincingly operate in opposite realms of
popular music. With Please Come Home, Dustin Kensrue joins
those elite musical ranks.

If, at the moment, he is known primarily as the voice of
Thrice—a respected, conscious underground sensation, lauded
for its virtuosity, power and creativity—Please Come Home
stands to change all that. Indeed, with this batch of
soul-searching acoustic songs, which range from the More...

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i just realised! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Please Come Home performed by Dustin Kensrue

today i was sitting in church and the pastor started preaching about Luke chapter 15 and it occurred to me that this song is based on that bible story... of course it's a little more modernize.
dustin is an amazing artist and i think he did a great job at making that story one of his songs...

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