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Dusk Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2003 10:37:11 PM

Dusk the shadows and white lights. And as the creation of Jahilia called upon the voices to recollect the pages torn along the many shores of the weeping oceans, the thought of expression became clear. The season was winter and the year; Nineteen hundred and ninety four. Dusk took birth. Black inks stormed virgin white papers through the coming years. Further insanities were put on tape during this time. One of such achievements was entitled "Where dreams bleed" set to the path of chaos in the year ninety-six. Three years from the time of birth, the involved individuals in the process of thought walked away from the shadows to attain communion with the orchards where the whispers resided. Thus in the name of the splendid heights that echoed pleasures unforeseen, another collection of thoughts was captured in the studios with white lights. This execution was marked "My Infinite Nature Alone" and was presented to the other world by the comrades at the home of Hiberica, towards the last fragmenting year of the previous millenium. From within the emptiness of pregnant minds, a latest collection of tungsten thoughts titled Of_White, was recently prepared, and would be brought upon with elements of filament disdain in the near future. We the participants in this black and white quest, still walk along unfamiliar roads with the fever to further create and enhance the infinite craving, Which burns bright and reaches out to the subdued light.

The Achievements;
Casketize- Demo 1995.
Where Dreams Bleed- Promo tape 1996.
My Infinite Nature Alone- Album (Hiberica Productions) 1999.
Of_ White- Adv tracks to forthcoming album 2000.
Introductory, script # 2.

Well here's to all individuals that believe in the black and also to those who Find themselves as appreciators of the white impaled! Dusk happened initially in the winter of the year nineteen Hundred and ninety four! The true stories behind the entire scene being that I had written some pieces of real "hyper fast chaotic black/death influenced metal". It all started to take form when I got this compilation tape with all these death and black metal bands (who were mostly my friends) from the far east. And I was like it just has to happen for dusk. Cause believe me, putting a extreme metal band together in a place like Pakistan is not the thing to do. And believe me, it still isn't. So I just ended up doing this demo on my own and Sending it to some people I was in touch with at the time in places like Greece and Malaysia. And surprisingly it got quite a response internationally, so dusk put out their first ever official promo tape in ninety-six. It was called "where dreams bleed" and by this time I had a friend of mine playing lead guitar for me and of course by this time dusk also had within it's ranks one of Pakistan's greatest guitar abusers namely Faraz Anwer doing the drums. So the promo tape did pretty well and we great exposure from a host of fanzines and radio shows. We ended up getting like much "above the average" ratings in a lot of these zines and reasonably big magazines at the time. We finally we ended up entering the studio in early ninety-seven to do our first full length that made it to the shelves at the end of ninety-nine. This was "My Infinite Nature Alone", a concept written and performed by "dusk".