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Duran Duran personified New Wave for much of the mainstream
audience. And for good reason, too.

Duran Duran's reputation was built through music videos,
which accentuated their fashion-model looks and glamourous
sense of style. Without music videos, it is likely that the
band's pop-funk -- described by the group as the Sex
Pistols meets Chic -- would never have made the group
international pop stars. While Duran Duran did have sharper
pop sensibilities than their New Romantic contemporaries
like Spandau Ballet and Ultravox, none of More...

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Review about Duran Duran songs
A musical gem | Reviewer: Veronica
    ------ About the song Ordinary World performed by Duran Duran

Thanks Duran Duran for this beautiful piece, it's just perfect and inspirational. "Still I can't escape the ghost of you," so true and poetic. I fell in love with this song the moment I listened to it, a classic.

This song is AMAZING!!! | Reviewer: Martin Skovgaard
    ------ About the song Salt In The Rainbow performed by Duran Duran

Mature Duran Duran at their very best. Beautiful lyrics.
Unfortunately DD myst be senile or crazy not to give this a proper release.
Duran Duran at their best beats every band past, present and probably future.

Steve Harley vs. Duran Duran | Reviewer: Bethany
    ------ About the song (Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile performed by Duran Duran

I have to say that I definitely love Duran Duran's version much better. Simon Le Bon puts so much more emotion into it and makes it such a beautiful song. The lyrics are beautiful on their own, but I believe there really isn't much emotion put into the original song...

OMG | Reviewer: full_volume
    ------ About the song RIO performed by Duran Duran

Wow. They actually made what was originally a Beatles song sound good. Yes, I'm kind of biased here, but this really is a seriously good song. Duran Duran did a great job here. I think this is the song that really made people like them, or at least it made me like them. Love it!

So short but makes you wonder and wonder.. | Reviewer: W76Meadow
    ------ About the song Come Undone performed by Duran Duran

"Now we'll try to stay blind, to the hope and fear outside" -- To me.. it's a masque a protection.. you're trying to convince even yourselves that it doesn't play a part on our new try after we've come 'undone'.. from a past relation that ended badly.. that you're not putting a hard stop to your renewed feelings.. and yes I do agreed.. to come 'undone' is so different from person to person.. but this is only my humble opinion.. on the way that I perceive the lyrics.. I love this song..

Ultimate Duran Fan song | Reviewer: Shazzle
    ------ About the song Secret Oktober performed by Duran Duran

This for me was and still is one of the best songs ever released by Duran Duran, only a true fan even knows what this song is. It summed up a time when you did not question why you liked it you just did and you accepted it for what it was, a simple melody with thought provoking and truly wonderful lyric. Even now it takes me back to my teenage bedroom and memories of how this song would take me away into another world every time I listened to it.Simply Brilliant! xx

of a decade..... | Reviewer: david porto
    ------ About the song Save A Prayer performed by Duran Duran

song of a youth....of a different taste....of another way of dancing....romance(there used 2b back then!!) I am 33....was 2 young to pay attention to such fine piece of art...still I remember with joy!!

Lyrics | Reviewer: Pete
    ------ About the song Come Undone performed by Duran Duran

I think the singer is basically trying to say that everyone falls apart or "comes undone" and when that happens a lot of people are hurt because they don't have anyone to turn to. So in the song, the singer is trying to say that if the person he loves ever comes undone she shouldn't be afraid to turn to him because he will always be there and love her.

It just means that he will be there for his loved one no matter what.

Should've been a hit. | Reviewer: The Bawbster
    ------ About the song Salt In The Rainbow performed by Duran Duran

Not sure why this was officially unreleased, same goes for "Virus". If not for the fact Duran Duran seem to get virtually no air-play (because they seem to be the popular band to say you dislike in North America), this song would surely be top 10 material.

Unofficially, you can get this song and more great gems (Virus, Beautiful Colours, Lonely Business...)
on the CD "Beautiful Colours (Astronaut Demos/Unreleased/Alternates)". It was originally available through their Fan Club. I got my copy through the "Duran Duran Store" in the UK.

Right Song Wrong Band | Reviewer: brandi
    ------ About the song Get It On (Bang A Gong) performed by Duran Duran

Duran Duran did not perform Get It On (Bang A Gong). The correct band would be The Power Station. The Power Station did have two members of Duran Duran in it though (John Taylor, bassist and Andy Taylor,guitarist). Thanks!

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