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Durag Dynasty Biography

Last updated: 03/31/2013 02:31:32 AM

Durag Dynasty is a hip-hop supergroup that consists California-bred emcees Planet Asia, Killer Ben, and Tristate.

After a scene-stealing appearance on The Alchemist’s 2012 album Russian Roulette and some buzz-building early singles, hip-hop’s newest supergroup is ready to take the spotlight. Consisting of Cali-bred emcees Planet Asia, Killer Ben, and Tristate, Durag Dynasty is the latest project presented by The Alchemist. Durag Dyansty’s debut album 360 Waves (entirely produced by The Alchemist) was released on March 26, 2013.

While Planet Asia has enjoyed an extensive career dating back to the late 90s, Killer Ben and Tristate are newer artists. Fortunately, the latter two are no less capable of rocking the mic, and both get a stamp of approval from Alchemist. “Tristate is a professional wizard,” he says. “Killer Ben is a rare combination of a certified larynx surgeon and a schoolyard bully.” Joining the three co-stars is a star-studded lineup of guests, including Prodigy, Evidence, Phil da Agony, Chace Infinite, and more. Expect head-nodding hip-hop and, in The Alchemist’s words, “stretchable polyester rhythms.”