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Not very often, a musician comes along who creates music
alive with quiet intensity, passion and sensitivity. Duncan
Sheik's style seems very much in vein with Vega, David
Sylvian and other luminaries. Wish I'd heard him years

In June 1996 Duncan Sheik released his debut album to
critical acclaim, garnering him a place on 'The Saint'
soundtrack with In The Absence of Sun - an intimate yet
melancholy tune strangely nestled among 10 other techno
tracks. The song suits the film - The Saint is a man who
has long given up More...

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Reviews about Duncan Sheik songs

Half -life; because you do believe that ... | Reviewer: Dipa Nugraha
    ------ About the song Half-life performed by Duncan Sheik

Half-life is gone when you lose your soul mate?
Love [and life] is a game of two?
(Ouch it sounds like different song by NK Cole).
But above all, this song is good. Kinda like it, especially when i listen to this at nite.

+62-856-234-9393 | Reviewer: gLowb@ll
    ------ About the song In the Absence Of Sun performed by Duncan Sheik

The 1st time i heard this song is when i watch Val Kilmer's "The Saint". Yes indeed, this is one of OST. This lyric, i think it's more like loosing control of our feeling or ourself. There is (almost) no way forgetting someone the once we love (sincerly). The only one way out is, try find someone who is better than the last....

For me it's a great song writing (Music and Lyrics) and beautiful memories (1997)

Dedicated to:
"Dwi Harti Rachmawati" -(The Fallen Angel)

The best lyrics for a song!! | Reviewer: Scorpio Boy
    ------ About the song In the Absence Of Sun performed by Duncan Sheik

All that he says in it, nobody could express in another way. The best way in forgetting someone is forget both selves! But, Who could?

A great song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wishful Thinking performed by Duncan Sheik

I'd like to give the song a high rate, it toucht my heart when i was younger, and it still does. You are cool Duncan.

Kristian Noe

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