Duncan Sheik Albums

  • Whisper House Album (1/27/2009)
    Better To Be Dead
    We're Here To Tell You
    And Now We Sing
    The Tale Of Solomon Snell
    Earthbound Starlight
    Play Your Part
    You've Really Gone And Done It Now
    How It Feels
    I Don't Believe In You
    Take A Bow
    The Ghost In You

  • White Limousine Album (1/24/2006)
    Hey Casanova
    The Dawn's Request
    White Limousine
    I Don't Believe In Ghosts
    Nothing Fades
    Fantastic Toys And Corduroys
    Star-Field On Red Lines
    I Wouldn't Mind
    So Gone

  • Daylight Album (8/27/2002)
    Genius (Never Came Through)
    Start Again
    On Her Mind
    Such Reveries
    On A High
    For You
    Good Morning
    Shine Inside

  • Phantom Moon Album (2/27/2001)
    The Wilderness (Prelude)
    Longing Town
    Mr. Chess
    The Winds That Blow
    Mouth On Fire
    Sad Stephen's Song
    Time And Good Fortune
    Far Away
    This Is How My Heart Heard
    A Mirror In The Heart
    Lo And Behold
    The Wilderness

  • Humming Album (10/6/1998)
  • Duncan Sheik Album (9/1/1996)

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