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Genesis Duchess Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2013 07:02:42 AM

Times were good,
She never thought about the future, she just did what she would
Oh but she really cared
About her music, it all seemed so important then,

And she dreamed that every time that she performed
Everyone would cry for more,
That all she had to do was step into the light,
And everyone would start to roar.

And on the road,
Where all but a few fall by the wayside on the grassier verge,
She battled through
Against the others in her world, and the sleep, and the odds.

But now everytime that she performed
Oh everybody cried for more,
Soon all she had to do was step into the light,
For everyone to start to roar.
And all the people cried, you're the one we've waited for.

Oh but time went by
It wasn't so easy now, all uphill, and not feeling so strong.
Yes times were hard,
Too much thinking 'bout the future and what people might want.

And then there was the time that she performed
When nobody called for more
And soon everytime she stepped into the light,
They really let her know the score.
But she dreamed of the times when she sang all her songs
And everybody cried for more,
When all she had to do was step into the light
For everyone to start to roar.
And all the people cried, you're the one we've waited for.

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A Parody to Genesis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/13

Tony Banks once said in a Genesis video that the song Duchess was a parody to the group and every time I hear the song played it always reminds me of their concert at Earls Court in 1997. They appeared on stage with Ray Wilson from Stiltskin who replaced Phil Collins when he left the band and it clearly didn't work. This was when the people let them know the score and I really felt for Mike and Tony who knew the score and managed to hold it together for the duration. Happily they recovered and are able to step back into the light again and make the crowd start to roar.

Susan - exactly!! | Reviewer: Richard | 3/10/13

Yes just listening to and telling my daughter about this song I got all choked up, never imagined describing a song to someone could have such an effect. I guess that's what great lyrics do.

Love this song | Reviewer: Susan | 12/4/12

It's one of my top 3 favourite Genesis songs (other two are Watcher of the Skies and Turn It On Again). I find myself getting quite emotional when I listen to it; not always a good idea when I hear it while driving my car!

Strong, Anthem quality! | Reviewer: Ears14U | 8/25/11

One of Genesis' anthem type songs, that make you want to turn your sound system to the ultimate in volume! Rising and falling cresendos that seemingly never disappoint. Lyrically could have been a hint of the band's feelings of their own performances. Not quite sure of that one. God bless all of you that took the time to read my post. Remember that life is too hard to be too serious all of the time!

THANKS YOU GUY'S PLEASE DELETE THIS! | Reviewer: Ears14U | 5/18/11

Thank you so very much "Staff" and anyone else that has to do with your Website!!! You are simply incredible, and so very quick to access. I pray that you develop a "monopoly" on the lyric industry. All the other's will not let you cut/paste, squat! Tacky, tacky! I continue to spread the word for you though. I haven't found a song that I couldn't get the lyrics for. God bless you all! Keep up the hard work, because we all know you do reap what we sow! And you're doing a phenomenal job of doing so!!!

The Old Magic... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/05

..Is there in this song. One of their last classics.

Phenomenal | Reviewer: michael | 9/16/04

Strong, passionate, moving play on words.

Completes the 3 Sides Live album, which is one of the best live albums out there.

Turn up the volume on this one.