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In my home town
For anyone who sticks around
You're either lost or you're found
There's not much in between
In my home town
Everything's still black and white
It's a long, long way from wrong to right
From Sunday morning to Saturday night

Everybody just wants to get high
Sit and watch a perfect world go by
We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives
We follow the roads that lead us
To drugs or Jesus

My whole life
I've tried to run, I've tried to hide
From the stained glass windows in my mind
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Refusing to let God's light shine
Down on me
Down on me

Everybody just wants to get high
Sit and watch a perfect world go by
We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives
There's not much space between us
Drugs or Jesus

Everybody wants acceptance
We all just want some proof
Everyone's just looking for the truth

Everybody just wants to get high
Sit and watch a perfect world go by
We're all looking for love and meaning in our lives
We follow the roads that lead us
To drugs or Jesus

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just me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/13

Please look beyond the title and look at the meaning behind the words. He's telling us that the small minded people only see things as black or white, no in between. We allow that thinking to make us believe we're no good if we're not one of those "perfect" holier than thou people, hence the line "the stained glass windows in my mind don't let the light of God shine in". People think there's a perfect world out there and want to "sit and watch that perfect world go by". No such thing. We're all "searching for love and meaning in our lives". No perfection, just acceptance and understanding.

Desperation | Reviewer: Babra aanyu | 6/8/13

This song is real. I don't think its all about drugs, the drugs are only representative of the addictions in our lives. Sex,fame,porn, fear, pleasure,drug,and our constant need to be accepted. Its time me and u choose what's right and stop living in constant fear.choose Jesus coz the bible is all the proof u need.be free.

Hoping and praying | Reviewer: Sharon | 10/1/12

My boyfirend is in rehad AGAIn and I believe that the only person that can save him is God and JESUS. I read some of the post--how can you not believe in God or Jesus--I just don't get it. Well anyway, I just wrote the words to this song to my boyfriend and I pray to GOD every night to not take the addiction away from him but to RIP it out of him and never let it come back. If you are reading this please say a prayer for him. He is sooo good sober; drunk? I am at a loss for words just ecil pure evil!!! Pray for him first then us please???

One foot in;and one foot out. | Reviewer: gidgettecorle | 4/5/11

I just want to thank Tim for this song. it is such a great song. Most people have one foot in the world,and one foot out. You have to choose to be cold or hot.THere is no such thing as being warm for Jesus. The person that said that Tim was High when writing this song. You are wrong. TIm is saved,and i hope one day you will open your eyes and realize that yes God loves you when you are abusing drugs,but he is longing for you to come to him. That was very disrespectful;you obviously dont have any respect,you also have a low self esteem. You have a jesabell spirit inside of you. Satan has a foothold with you and until you renew your mind;he is just going to keep on pulling on to you. He is longing for you to talk to him;and he is around you;you just have to find him. God is awesome.We can not ever thank Jesus for everything that he has done for us. Just accpet his love.(:

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/10

This song is beautiful. I am a very strong Christian and have grown up in a town where this song rings true. My sister had a problem at one time and thank God that He brought her back to us. I have read the other reviews and I agree with most of them. However, for those of you who scoff, Jesus is not a myth. Do you believe air or sound are myths because you can't see them? Those of you who feel like it isn't a choice and that you can have both, I believe you are wrong. Drugs hinder your relationship with the Lord and blind you to His power. I am sorry your lives are in the state that you can't find His glory when it shines around you. I don't know who you are and that doesn't matter. I will pray for you and pray for the Lord to enter your lives and show you the right path. May God bless you and watch over you until you meet Him.

Amazing! | Reviewer: Myranda | 11/23/09

So i had to find a song for my creative writing class,it was an assignment where we had to find a song that we really liked and what the meaning was behind it. well I believe Tim Mcgraw is the most amazing country singer out there and I knew for sure I wanted to use one of his songs, the first one that came to my head was Live Like You Were Dying. Then I came across this song and it apealed to me because I saw the word Jesus and I am very strong in my faith so I wanted to listen to it. When I did I felt like God just sopke to me I like this song a lot and decided I would use it for my assignment. I want to be able to get the point across to my classmates that there is something better out there then the wrong path. No matter what you have done Jesus will always love you and will always be there for you. You CAN rely on him!

Ahh-mazing song! | Reviewer: Becky Felegy | 3/9/09

This song really does hit home! Your so right! it touches my heart in a way i didn't really think about before! it's saying that you need to take the right path in your life and go with Jesus! He is the only way! With him all things are possible! without him nothings possible! know Jesus know peace, no Jesus- no peace. So give up what relieves you from your pain and stress! Jesus is the only way and hopefully everyone will go with him and be by his side because he died on the cross for you and your sins, and that is something you should be thankful for to the fullest extent! Jesus and God are aawesome and without them i ould be lost! Thanks you JESUS and GOD!! I love you two with all of my heart and thanks for everything you do for me! i love you two forever! just thanks again! and i love you! <33
Love Becky!!<333333

What a song | Reviewer: Godwin | 11/7/07

I think Tim wants us to reconsider whatever choices we make in this life.In the long run,things which we find comfort in or run to as our abode and fortress end up being our drugs,whilst Jesus watches on and yearns for us to run to Him,the Strong Tower.

The choice is yours | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/07

When i have kids i will make them listen to this song. Just to remind them that they have a choice. That they should not let themselves be led by peer presure. to do the right thing....
God i hope they choose pot......

ha ha ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/07

YOU ARE ALL FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! me and my best friend just looked up the lyrics to this song because we thought it was the most insane thing ever. WE LAUGHED UNTIL WE PISSED AND SHIT OURSELVES!...I mean...why choose...jesus loves addicts...and addicts can love him back...so addicts you dont dont have to choose..(tim was high when he wrote this)...

Another perspective | Reviewer: Nick Boka | 4/30/07

This song is so well written and heart felt. It's felt by even people like myself who haven't gotten into drugs. It has to be so much of a blessing for anyone with these problems to hear this for the first time, and I'm so greatful for artists like Tim McGraw who are able to express this much emotion in their lyrics. But I've been thinking about something and I feel I should share it with everyone who comes across this song.
I don't believe Tim is focusing this song on just drug problems. I had a girlfriend who I broke up with because I felt that our relationship was keeping me from a stronger faith in God. I was doing things I told myself I wouldn't and relied on her to be there when I needed some support. Well it was the hardest thing to break up with her, especially because it was just on a feeling of faith and no other reason. I had plans of being with her for a long time if not forever and our relationship was amazing. Anyways, I broke up with her and since then I've had this feeling of withdrawal like I were abstaining from a drug addiction. It's been so hard, but my faith in God and love for Jesus has never been stronger because of it, and life has been more beautiful.
Anything that you've used to feel comfort or escape in your life, anything you've gone to time and time again for relief, is what I believe Tim McGraw considers drugs. That makes this song even more meaningful because it appeals to everyone out there who is going through any withdrawal or pain. Let me tell you, nothing is more beautiful than giving up those things and giving God everything with love for him. I whole heartedly believe Tim McGraw feels the same way and thats why I admire him and his music so much.

Really, really brilliant | Reviewer: Mikaela | 9/1/05

I love this song, for me it's not really about the Drugs or Jesus, it's about wrong or right, and I love the lines "Everybody wants acceptance/
We all just want some proof/Everyone's just looking for the truth" because it really hits home I think. Whenever I hear this song I cry!

wow!!! | Reviewer: haley | 5/31/05

this song is just so touching. i know it touches hearts all around the world. it certaintly touched mine. i almost cried when i heard it, because so many men,women and children are on drugs these days. i hope this song changes there point of view. thanks tim mcgraw,
love me!!!

this song is great! | Reviewer: Julie | 5/17/05

I feel this song really hits home for most kids, whether in a small town, or large city, there comes a point you have to make a choice, cave to peers or stand onwhat you believe. It's pivitol and the wrong choice can kill you. The right choice can prosper you.

Drugs And Jesus go hand in hand. | Reviewer: Pope Been-a-dick | 5/6/05

This song sucks! Rational people don't believe in the jesus myth but most drug addicts do! So they chose drugs AND jesus! Big Surprise!

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