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Davion Farris Drowning Lyrics

Last updated: 12/28/2012 10:54:52 AM

Hold your breath, baby, please.
And swim down to where Id be.
Or else Ill die in this river of tears.
Cause baby, Im drowning,
To come down in
And save me from drowning.

Girl, since you left,
Things aint been the same.

Cause when the liquor is gone
I start pouring out my heart
And baby its pulling me deeper in water.
Baby, only your kiss can bring me to life
Or else Ill die cause I cant keep you here.
Oh, Im drowning, oh Im drowning,
Save me, baby, from drowning.

The deeper I dive, the harder it is to stay afloat
But we both know that theres no coming back
So save me, Im begging.
When you left I gave up for good
Jumped right in where I stood.
And now Im lost low,
But Im not giving up, Im not giving up,
Even though Im drowning, Im drowning,