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Few bands over the past decade have arrived with the
meteoric rise Drowning Pool enjoyed in 2001. Following five
years of gigging in the south, the band's debut Wind-up
single, “Bodies,” took over radio airwaves across the
country from the moment it landed on programmers’ desks.
The quartet emerged as the breakout metal band that year,
as Sinner went on to sell more than 1.5 million copies.
In 2001, Drowning Pool kicked off Ozzfest, playing the
first notes heard from the stage at the ungodly hour of
9:50am. Guitarist C.J. Pierce More...

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Review about Drowning Pool songs
FINALLY! Someone's close! | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song Digging These Holes performed by Drowning Pool

Finally someone's close to what the lyrics actually are! I was tired of seeing "No sympathy, your tiger on grey". There are a few mistakes, though. I don't think he's saying "sicker fans", I think he's saying "sycophants" but I could be wrong. Also, "Will go and shout that shit for all who never learn" and "Well go and tell that shit for all who never learn" are both almost certainly "Well go and sell that shit to all who never learn". And then the line that comes right after sicker fans/sycophants, the beginning is wrong ("You gotta be sick and track") but since I have no idea what he's saying, I offer no corrections. It's good enough for me. But, all in all, thank you for finally getting it far closer. And for not putting "No sympathy, your tiger on grey."

AWESOME!!! | Reviewer: Tishy
    ------ About the song Bodies performed by Drowning Pool

I freaking love this song! Can't get enough of it! Drowning Pool totally rocks, and they fucking WON with this song! I could listen to this on repeat all day and not get tired of it XDDD I thank my Father for showing me this song and band. He's a total rock/metal, ect fan. So I thank him for turning me onto the good music~

i aint no soldier | Reviewer: mark
    ------ About the song Soldiers performed by Drowning Pool

i aint no soldier i have a desire to work in the military as a disel fitter but atm i'm 16 and i have alot of respect for those awesome ladies and men who make the sacrifice to serve our country whether they are cooks or front line fighters they all make a contribution you guys are a real inspiration keep up the good work people you do ourt country proud

Ambivalence | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tear Away performed by Drowning Pool

It somehow feels that this song is more about ambivalent feelings of oneself.

But yea, I agree with the last comment. Would just like to add, that morals are also hard-wired into us, because they are a part of self-perservation. They arent that different. Imagine a world without morals.. basically its kill or be killed, you dont want to risk getting killed do you? So morals are more like mimicry than anything else.

Sorry if it didn't make much sence, but im kinda drunk and not in a good mood... damn it, just found out im just like a needy emo right now... hah... g'day

Quick note... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tear Away performed by Drowning Pool

I'm sure that if all the world ever showed you was contempt and hate... You would choose self-preservation over morals... Self-preservation is hard-wired into humans whist our current set of morals are simply a creation of the current society that we are living in... And if society hates you why should you care about them anyway?

Everyone needs something to fight for... Some just choose to fight only for themselves...

For the review under me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tear Away performed by Drowning Pool

im pretty sure if someone had the choice to die so the world could live or the world to die so they would live, anyone would choose the world over them its just basic human morals, you dont know what youre on about.

great song too, i love how it goes into the solo

Likes it alot | Reviewer: WeAREhere
    ------ About the song Forget performed by Drowning Pool

For me, the faith part stands for faith in people... And pain people have brought, and ya... All that comes with it...
I'm a Psych student because of what i have gone though... (I know forgetting is not the key, but well... It's a temp key.) Until your brain can process whats happened, then you can deal.

    ------ About the song Bodies performed by Drowning Pool

We listened to this in Iraq during our 2003/2004 rotation when the ground war first started. Never left the CD player and was in EVERYONE'S MP3 and IPOD. Great song to listen to while kicking the shit out of someone in wartime.

Drowning pool fony | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bodies performed by Drowning Pool

I loved Bodies until I met Drowning pool. I was so excited I wet myself. But then... Drowning pool gave me a album about his history. IT WAS SIGNED! But when I looked back he liked a band called the hot rods. And if you sang one of there songs backwards it was bodies!

pest part in song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bodies performed by Drowning Pool

my fav part in this song is "Skin against skin blood and bone You're all by yourself but you're not alone You wanted in an' now you're here Driven by hate consumed by fear" i fucking love it

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