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Sage Francis Drop Bass Lyrics

Last updated: 06/28/2011 12:00:00 PM

I seen the moon rise before the sun got a chance to set
I used gods tool to play a game of bed pan roulette
The romance and sweat got me feeling things I can't forget
I question life but ain't been asked for answers yet-invent a dance step

Your man slept, on my apperience and got his pants wet
My third eye will magnify while you get burnt just like ants get
Fail to miss there period but haven't felt the cramps yet
But yo you lookin blowted but you know kid I cancled your check

I wish this underground art would have kept its origen and essence
Reflecting champagne and a diamond necklace
Yo stop beibg restless comercialisms hip hop stepwish
Ill battle both sex for the rolex on your left wrist

Just to show y'all what time it is vocab is devine with his
Sage is who this rhymer is in every line were just tryn to live
Cuz emcees who are on some crazy shit rappin like there in a scorcesee flick ther lazy with there lyrics
Raise your spirits cus there selling the audience is buyin the predicament that I'm ins got me rhymin in ialian
Its all great to me its all flipin in sicilian millions of civilians became godfathers with no children.

Microphones replaced with cigars kids in cars thinking there hard listnen to wack songs but won't listen to ours. yeah they won't listen to ours I herd the system in there cars bumpin! A whole lot of nuthin and got me holding mics like prison bars
Yo ignorance has been driven to far its given my wistom a scar like the one on your face
Smoking ism with y'all they need they system of allah haha I love god while you love to drop bass. I herd that sage francis he loves to drop bass I herd that vocab was so bad he had to have bass non prophits ah shit they love to drop bass to busy picking up the treble cuz levels are out of place.
Levels are out of place. Levels are out of place hiphop is a discrace no doubt
Levels are out of place but devels are hard to face hiphop is a discrace no diggaty!
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