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Ocean Colour Scene Drive Away Lyrics

Last updated: 09/09/2008 12:00:00 PM

C / Am / Dm / G

You drive the away the best of you
It's all that's left to say
You leave me with the rest of you
You've made it on your way

I need a call to say from you
Just before you go
The more that I've been close with you
The door was always closed

Drive away, there's nothing you should say
Drive away, we're travellers anyway

Get on up and straight you go
There's nothing left to say
And begging's not my place you know
You'll never hear it anyway

There's all the days I begged you stay
I saw it made you blind
There's more than I can really say
Why it is it traps you all inside


You made it all get so uptight
I made it in the dreams
You went and wronged those rights
And they hid behind your scream

You've hidden where I just dont know
I think you've gone inside
I hope the world looks good from there
But I hope it looks alright

We never made it all the way
We never made it all the way
You take the best of you
I'll keep the rest of you

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