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Talk about the weather
Will you miss me ever?
Lately I'm obsessed
And I need the rest
I hope that you're impressed
But she's so pretty, I'm jealous
And she's lost like Alice
In a painted past
In a looking glass
I see me looking back

I'll take another, Drink Me, baby
Slowly, I'll disappear
And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace
So let's play truth or dare

So you're a fan of Coltrane
I wanna be Kurt Cobain
When the truth gets scary
I'll take my gin and sherry
And some Drink Me they'll be
Plath and Joplin with verse writing suiciders
Kennedy and Monroe come to see my rock show
I'll be there in the front row

I'll take another, Drink Me, baby
Slowly, I'll disappear
And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace
So let's play truth or dare

And I won't be around to play your games
There will come a day when you won't know my name
And I'll get smaller with
Every swallow you'll
Wait tomorrow and things won't be the same

Talk about the weather
Will you miss me ever?
Lately I'm obsessed
And I need the rest
I hope that you're impressed
Cuz I need the rest
And my head's a mess
I need the rest
I need the rest
I need the rest

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hurt | Reviewer: cynthia marie | 9/24/10

My perception of the meaning of this song is: I can definitely see how suicide can be a major component. But I believe the more important meaning is self medication related to a broken heart/ depression related to being hurt by someone close to you. The person she is portraying in this song is hurt, "jealous"; and she states this......" will you miss me ever", "i'll disappear". The hurt is represented by the comparison of life to "a barbed wire necklace". Self medication is stated in this piece: " when the truth gets scary, I'll take my gin and sherry.". It tells of complete despair, with one believing life is not the main drive, but despair. Believing death would be a welcome release.

Great performance song | Reviewer: That one | 2/28/09

this song, wether or not based on suicide doesnt really matter, is probaly one of the best songs to perform to ( with any relation to dance/ colorguard/ choir, etc) more specifically colorguard, and to be even more specific with theperformer, Kenneth Galloway, probably the only person able to pull it off. What a hoss! LOL, congrats kenny on winning!

Alice's humble opinion | Reviewer: Alice19 | 12/17/08

I dont know about the whole song being about suicide. it doesnt quite say that to me. only the artist knows for sure, but here's what i've thought about it.
well there's the obvious "drink me" from Alice's adventures in wonderland.
then... Coltrane is a musician, as is Kurt Cobain (who, its said, is the mascot for that generation). not sure what the connection between the two is other than that their names rhyme. ^^:
Plath and Joplin were artists who wrote suicide notes.
Kennedy and Monroe, aside from having an alleged fling, have some conspiracy around their deaths (as with Kurt Cobain who imho was killed, but thats a topic for another day. see courtney love's dad's book on it). Kennedy with the grassy knoll ("back, and to the left") and Monroe with the drug overdose enema (kinky?).
the rest of it could be a ref. to another book as a previous poster suggested, east of eden. as i have not yet read this book, i cannot confirm or deny. however, the other parts of this song that i have listed i believe to be the references.
as to the overall statement made by the song? well... hard one, but i'd have to go with a person who is drifting away from another "there will come a day when you wont know my name."

Love it. | Reviewer: Kisa | 9/5/08

Oh, it's about a book? Oh, I so wanna read it now! Me and my sister love this song so much. It's not widely advertised, but a beautiful song. Of course, I like the accoustic version better. But it's awesome. You got the lyrics correct.

lost like alice | Reviewer: carrie-la | 7/13/08

rawrr D: I typed this once and it went all malfunction on me.

it's about suicide. it makes it a very dark, but beautiful song.

Sylvia Plath is known to have attempted suicide, as well as Kurt Cobain if that's what you believe.

[East of Eden Spoilers]
In East of Eden, Cathy wears a bottle of poison around her neck. When she was little, she used to pretend that she had the Eat Me/Drink Me from Alice in Wonderland, but she saved a little Drink Me, because if she drinks it all, she'll get so small that she'll disappear completely, and that's what she's thinking of when she drinks the poison in the end.

Alice in Wonderland | Reviewer: Krysten | 9/17/07

I always thought the lyrics were about Alice in Wonderland... I mean... it's common sense. Anyways... Sherry and Kurt Cobain are correct, to Austin. Sorry, Dear... but Darla's correct. Anyways...

<3 | Reviewer: dd | 5/20/07

i love this song!

but u miss spelt KURT COBAIN! (u put curt cobain)
and u put cherry instead of sherry

East of Eden! | Reviewer: Kerri | 3/21/07

Great lyrics! its based on the character Cathy from East of Eden which is an amazing book : )

Awesome | Reviewer: Austin | 12/15/06

I love this song. I'm still working on a meaning, but I think it's just a fun song.

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