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Spending all my money on phone cards
Waiting for my ship to come in, in from that ocean
Come home to this sea, harboring in me
I don't believe in four-leaf clovers
Or the luck they're supposed to bring
I've used all my wild cards
But there's something I can do
To get close to you

I've got dreams to love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Thinking bout every little thing we ever did crazy
Sipping on that memory lane
That lane never closes, seven days of the week
I can drive in my sleep

cause I've got dreams to love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

Dreams I will share when I see you again
And I'll see you again pretty soon
I pray but until then I've got dream

I've got dreams of love and I love you
I know you feel the same way too
I feel your spirit when you're near me and when you're away
Somehow, somewhere I'll see you again
But until then I've got dreams of loving you

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dreamz. | Reviewer: shelbystaygold | 6/28/09

unday, 28 June 2009


Review of Gav's Songs

Meaning by Gavin DeGraw

I think this song is about life and what makes the world go around - love. I think it’s about people that are always worried about things in life that don’t matter. People being stressed unable to think…people just hoping to go to bed and wake up in some peace.

Love has reason…it wasn’t an emotion put on this earth for nothing. This song could also be referring to love as a symbol of god.(“God is Love”) The world has a meaning…it is here for a reason - we are making the world go around by spreading love.

Gavin talks about how our everyday situations are similar to candle light…it is enough to see what you can, but it isn’t very bright. This is saying that a lot of the time we take what we see and judge with out really seeing the whole picture. We think back to things that we’ve done…things we regret. As we get older we see the truth. It is good to learn from your mistakes, but it only works in youth meaning…we can’t make mistakes and not learn from them because when we get older they will hurt us a lot more…and have bigger consequences.

“Restless minds; curtain calls follow fanfares.” This means that love can be here and gone as fast as a play begins and ends. “Troubled hearts; just a walk down the hall.” It’s easy to take a walk down a hall. It’s also very easy to get hurt. “Restless hearts; you take a punch just to land one.” Even if you try really hard, sometimes it’s just not enough.”Troubled minds; it’s only fair after all.” Just accept it and move on. New love will come.

He always talks about how we have to just jump & go after things - to take risks. & if it does wrong and you end up falling on your face…you get up. It’s nothing you can’t shake off.

Crush by Gavin DeGraw

This song is about liking someone a lot. Having a huge crush on them. you try to tell them how you feel but they reject you. It doesn’t change your feelings though.You don’t consider yourself a loser because you are not giving in. He thinks about how to try again. he wants to tell her how he feels and not hold back anything. He wants to tell her he is not afraid of that people think…and she might feel the same, but she has to try it to find out. He really feels he has to take another chance. she makes him crazy, she has him very anxious, and all over the place.

She damaged his soul…and threw him off track but he gets better in time…she does too. This means the rejection hurts him and how he is trying to get It together. He think he gets better because he learns more about her after every blow. Maybe she learns something about herself after every time she turns him down. eventually she will get over being afraid of what others think. or he will move on.

I Have You To Thank

This song is about finding someone that really makes you happy. You see them and you’re really happy. You see them and your heart skips a beat. When you are with them you don’t want them to go. You want them to stay with you, forever. They smile and you are overwhelmed with happiness.

You thank them for making you hard to please because they have treated you so good that no one else could compare & you wouldn’t want to settle to for less after finding this person. You never want to break up with this person. You feel a difference in you heart. You know you really love this person. You think this is a perfect beginning of a new love.

You let your new lover know straight up that you’re not perfect at loving all the time. You have made past mistakes, but are trying not to make them again. When you let this person in you begin to win their love and now you are just feeling like you’ve gotten gold.

Next To Me

This song is about trying to get someone that doesn’t want to give you a chance. You feel they want you, but they play it off. They don’t notice how much you want them. When you call, they are a stone…meaning they aren’t saying much and seem totally uninterested. You tell yourself if they are like again you won’t be using their number again. You think you have given yourself false hope, so you have a drink to calm you down & help you think. It doesn’t help, you get anxious and start shaking.

You want this person to wait a minute, cause you are not theirs yet. You just want a chance to be with them, but they won’t even get next to you. You want them to tell you what they won’t. You think they will eventually give in somehow. You got the things they need, but they still won’t get next to you.

You explain once you get them in your arms you don’t want them to pull away like they have been doing. You want them to stop acting like they don’t want you – you know they don’t want anyone else. You have so much potential, but they just run off. Your heart is in your hands you are offering it to them. You just want them to let you in. you are growing impatient.


I think this song is about being able to believe in someone and know that they will be there to defend you. If you believe that they are there you feel a lot better and assured. One night this person surprises you so much by coming to your defense in some sitch. You compare their mouth to a knife meaning they were telling off the person that hurt you. They showed a wrath like a god. They stood by you.

Your belief in this person was not an instant thing. It built from scratch. This belief is really something special to you and you want everyone to know you have someone by your side. You want to this person to know how much them sticking up for you meant. Telling the world is the least you can do.

I feel this way about my best friend. He is always there and he really amazes me when he there to help me get through all my tough times.


I think this song is about wanting to be with someone all the time, but you can’t. You spend all your money on phone cards, just to hear their voice when they are away. You want to come home so you can see them.

You don’t believe in luck, and you have done everything to keep this person in contact with you…you want to get closer still. You have dreams that include them loving them. You feel them when they are here with you, and when they are away as well. You will do anything to see them anywhere, but until that happens you can just be with them in you dreams.

You think about all the crazy stuff you two did, it makes you realize that those memories will always be there. You might not be able to get to them realistically, but you can be there in your dreams. You will share your dreams with them when you see them again. You hope and pray you will see them soon, but until then you have your dreams.

This song really touches me. I long to find someone that I feel this way about, and hope they would feel the same about me. Gavin’s songs make me want to experience real love. <3

Dreams..... | Reviewer: LIndaLee | 10/19/05

That song is amazing!! What album can I find it on???

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