Dream Theater Lyrics

1986 - 1990

Founding members John Myung, Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci
in 1986Dream Theater was formed in 1986 by guitarist John
Petrucci, bassist John Myung and drummer Mike Portnoy while
studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Kevin
Moore, a high school band-mate of Petrucci's, was recruited
to play keyboards and Chris Collins was enlisted as

The quintet settled on the name Majesty for their
newly-formed group (a name inspired by Portnoy's
description of the closing section of "Bastille Day" by
Rush), and More...

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Review about Dream Theater songs
Solid DT track | Reviewer: karl
    ------ About the song Endless Sacrifice performed by Dream Theater

Amazing song! The entire thing is essentially a love ballad from Petrucci to his wife Rena about being on the road all the time and missing her deeply. Something I can relate too, im in the navy and I don't get to see my better half as nearly half as much i'd like to but I absolutely love what I do, everything about these lyrics absolutely ring true for me and my partner,

DT's most beautiful tearjerker | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Disappear performed by Dream Theater

This is easily one of my all-time favorite DT ballads and the one that most gets to me emotionally. The lyrics are beautiful and the melancholy instrumental background really grabs at my heart. I recall during the first listen I was already choked up and teary-eyed halfway through the song. Toward the conclusion though, it had crescendoed to the finale that emotionally floored me and I then totally lost it. I'm not ashamed to say I was overwhelmed to the point of bawling like a child. To this day I cannot listen to it and not get emotionally affected by it. It's that powerful. In my book, any song that can (both lyrically and instrumentally) move me like this is considered a masterpiece. And "Disappear" is definitely nothing short of being a masterpiece.

Hollow Years | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hollow Years performed by Dream Theater

FII is my least favourite DT album, and at first when I heard this song, I did not really like it, since it didn't come anywhere close to the standards that I came to expect from DT. Over time, I began to like the song more and more, but yesterday I just decided to check out the Live at Budokan version… Oh my gosh, it took this song from one of my least favourites to being in my top 20, especially with Petrucci's solo. So much better than virtually every other song you hear on the radio these days, that's for sure.

A great debate | Reviewer: Yhuampy
    ------ About the song The Great Debate performed by Dream Theater

I love the musically specs of this song, the ending finishing as the intro, the sound effects used and the perfect combination of melodies, harmony and the 'artificial' Labrie's kind of sing . Regardings to lyrics, i see you have started a long criticism for the topic... It's a great debate!

A Piece of Harmony | Reviewer: Jimmi B
    ------ About the song Octavarium performed by Dream Theater

Octavarium by Dream Theater struck me first as quite the slow and almost boring song. I then listened to it a second time, and a third, a fourth and many more times. Octavarium was to me a very unpredicable piece, with the many different parts, Someone like him, Medicate, Full circle, Intevals and Razors edge that are like independent songs of their own.

Not only is it made by the amazing musicians of Dream Theater, no. It has one of the most meaningful and inspiring lyrics of their era. A lyric about seizing the day, for who knows what may happen tomorrow. Many theories have been made about the meaning of the lyric, one of them follows.

A man lives a life he then chooses to decline, a possible accident happens and the man slips into a coma. He wakes up 30 years later and under heavy medication he experiences strange dreams. Thease dreams and that he is falling in and out is the "octavarium" he is trapped in. Octavarium means a cycle that never end, or it ends as it begins and starts over. You don't know what it is or what it looks like only that you are there. Also, think about the fourth part, Intevals, with the eight different parts. Octa means eight and varium, various. Eight various objects, or lyrics, in this case.

Aside from the deep lyric and astonishing musical this is one of the greatest musical pieces ever. I see nothing but good in this song and I plan on listening to it after this review. I hope that this was interesting to read and I thank you for your time.

Jimmi B

    ------ About the song In The Name Of God performed by Dream Theater

I listened to this song with the lyrics for many times over now and I keep finding new meanings. It is not what some poeple here claim a song against an specific religion. This song is a protest against the cults and sects that exist with in any organized religion. Besides the meaning of the song does not stay with religion for that matter. it is a protest how obsession can turn you blind. how blind fate in something can lead into violence.

It is spesicifly aimed to cults trough; in the states there are enough Cults like discribed in this song. Cults where a self proclaimed messiah twists into a power hungry dictator with the name of god as his backing.
You might think it are musslim sects but that is not the reality and that is where this song gains it power. because the song does not point and blaim. this song points out a problem and explains how some can twist into violence.
"They know no other
Life but this
From the cradle
They are claimed "
is a clear example of this.

The Spirit Carries On | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Spirit Carries On performed by Dream Theater

This is easily one of the most beautiful DT ballads ever. It makes me feel at peace, not only because it's an uplifting song, but it also says that death is not the end. And not to mention Petrucci's guitar solo is easily one of his best and it's so heartwarming. I'm gonna learn this song on the piano soon! Keep rocking, DT!!!

Panic Attack author | Reviewer: Metal Mark
    ------ About the song Panic Attack performed by Dream Theater

The lyrics to this awesome DT song was written by John Petrucci. He said he would get normal pre show anxieties, Stage fright if you will. But one time it turned into a full blown panic attack. And he would continue to get them at other times. Regular exercise helps to lessen these attacks. Now you know why Petrucci suddenly started getting buff! Also, writing this song helped him to communicate to others how they feel. As someone who has the occasional panic attack, he describes the attacks perfectly.

This song means so much to me! | Reviewer: Ryan Slater
    ------ About the song A Change Of Seasons performed by Dream Theater

This song is just amazing when i first heard it i was in total awe. James Labrie is absolutely brilliant on this. This is the only song taht can literally put me in tears. Just beautiful and so meaningful.

    ------ About the song In The Name Of God performed by Dream Theater

Of course, this song clearly demonstrates just how amazing Dream Theater is (especially the final chorus "Religious beliefs/Frantic obsession/Does following faith/Lead us to violence?")! BEAUTIFUL!!!
My interpretation is that this song is either about the post-9/11 events (listen to Sacrificed Sons, that's another amazing song by them about 9/11), or just about the evil men do in the name of religion. I am a deist, so I do believe in God, but I don't follow any specific religion. I believe that God does show His compassion for us, and would lovingly embrace our spirits in Heaven. But it is US HUMANS, not God's word, that cause people to act this way and start wars in the name of God. That is not what He wants. We can think for ourselves, and we don't have to spend countless hours out of our lives bowing down to God like a dog. Plus, our prayers never really get answered, and if they do, it's all the result of a coincidence or something else that's going on. God, in my opinion, is only there to create the universe before the Big Bang, and to show His compassion, and everlasting love for every being on this planet. But if there were other gods, they would be LaBrie, Petrucci, Myung, Mangini, and Rudess!! LONG LIVE DREAM THEATER!!!

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