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You might have heard it before, but this time it's for
real: DREAM EVIL is the ultimate new force in Melodic Heavy
Metal! The Swedish band was formed in the Fall of 1999 by
the notorious producer & owner of Studio Fredman, Fredrik
Nordström (HammerFall, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Spiritual
Beggars, etc.) and the outstanding Greek guitarist
youngster Gus G. (Mystic Prophecy & Firewind), after
Fredrik had for several years carried forth the idea of
realising his own Melodic Metal compositions within a
proper band set-up and featuring More...

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Review about Dream Evil songs
timely | Reviewer: Eli James
    ------ About the song Crusaders' Anthem performed by Dream Evil

Jesus cursed the city of Jerusalem in Matt. 23 at the end of the chapter. The Zionists are the evil masterminds of the world's deception. TYheir synagogue of Satan must be destroyed. Good music and outstanding performance

comment | Reviewer: M.sann
    ------ About the song Unbreakable Chain performed by Dream Evil

dude this songs rules from the deeeepest hole of my heart ..just check out lytrics ...suits on pakistan so much...because now adays there is so racisim that the nation is already fuckedd up ...and they are fucking there own asses by dividing....GOd have mercy on Pakistan//...

Hellsing Ultimate flashback... | Reviewer: Sammy
    ------ About the song The Chosen Ones performed by Dream Evil

This reminds me a lot of Iscariot (Vatican Section XII) from Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate... I can see the legions of the crusade chanting the chorus the whole time London burns around them... (And yes, Hellsing ins an anime/manga, if anyone were wondering).

    ------ About the song The Book Of Heavy Metal (March Of The Metallians) performed by Dream Evil

THE THING wich atract me in this song the /Don't need no flashy house, no car or ugly wife
the only thing I want, is what my parents don't
need no widescreen TV, No, in all honesty
the only thing I want to be (to be or not to be)
/ i dont need alls that what i wannt i hate evrything i hate my soul i hate satan and ..............let me die

Brotherhood | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Unbreakable Chain performed by Dream Evil

I think this song is about brotherhood,the brothers,the people that for a for of alliance and will forever stand together as one.
Too bad that in real life people like that are hard to find.
But these words,lyrics,this song,Dream Evil,gave me a bit of hope.Great song,great band!

immortal | Reviewer: corey
    ------ About the song Immortal performed by Dream Evil

every things good.when i heard this song it reminds me of my cheating low life of my ex girlfriend cheats on me for a 24 year old guy and she 18 wtf she is only 3 days older then me happy 4 of july i was cheated on =,/ wat a curl life that i have

Translation! | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Doomlord performed by Dream Evil

The doomlord usually nest in winter time, which has made it one of the most well-known species of bird in Sweden.
The cock can become very agitated if one imitates his singing in his territory.
He then ranges out the red breast, the head oscillates with the black back and forth,
and can also from his aisle time and time again fly over the imitating sound for a more careful inspection.
Normally, the doomlord is a staying bird, but some move in October to Denmark and recurs in March.
Certain years a big number moves out from the country.
The year 1961 it was noted at Falsterbo bird station, a gigantic mass relocation,
were a massive number of over 10.000 Doomlords (Bullfinches) during one day departed to Denmark!

dream evil is fucking amazing | Reviewer: tj
    ------ About the song Made Of Metal performed by Dream Evil

deffentaley the best power metal band ever. fucking amazing. no one can stop them. i lvoe them. great song. gretalbum. great band. ahhhhhh they so kickass. you dot like them then fuck you!!!!!!!!

Doomlord | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Doomlord performed by Dream Evil

if you didnt know, the guy who is talking in the middle of the song is a swedish comedian, and he is talking about the bird thats called dom herre. Funny that they use him i think

Simply The Most Ultimate Power Metal Band. | Reviewer: Metal Maniac Mat
    ------ About the song The Book Of Heavy Metal (March Of The Metallians) performed by Dream Evil

The first song that got me hooked on Dream Evil would have to be "The Book Of Heavy Metal". I've now got all of thier albums and i have adopted in purchasing other "Power Metal" albums. If it weren't for Dream Evil i wouldn't know where i would be. It's "Simply The Most Ultimate Power Metal Band."

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